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Ouch No 2, but good service

Less than a week after the Scirocco expense, my daughter also faced a repair bill - her X-Type failed its MOT on a wheel bearing and a roll bar bush.

The MOT garage said, "about 160" - which experience of that garage (nearest MOT station) means she would expect the final bill to be the wrong side of 200 and they couldn't do it for week.

So instead the car was taken to a garage that does a lot of our family cars - gave an exact quote of 170 and they could do it the next day, so a go-ahead was given.

She went to collect it and said, "have you got the MOT fail sheet? - will I need to take it to the MOT station for the retest?" (a retest is of course free for a fault corrected within 10 days).

"Oh we popped it out to them (3 miles) and got that done for you" - here's your MOT certificate"

Now that's a garage which knows how to get people coming back to them.

That's impressive.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Michael wrote:
That's impressive.

That is seriously impressive ! Almost warrants posting the garage name here so we can use them if we're in the area

I don't actually know it! - we all call it Jason and Matt's (just the two of them - joint owners).  

Just looked them up:  Easy Fit Garage - I think the name stems from it being just an exhaust place before they took it over.

Isn't it nice to get good customer service.

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