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Insurance time!
Why I'll never move to east Anglia
Tesla Taxi
The joy of new tyres.
The Itch
D3 replacement
Bus lanes
Kuga Titanium X
Been Captur'd
Another one of those "minor improvement" threads
I know this is legally dubious, but...
Holy shit this is cheap
Wedding cars
Another (bigger) problem - Fixed
Car Accident - All Sorted
Munter - defined
It's back.
Lovely flowers at junctions, roundabouts etc!
Galaxy (replacement) Quest
Middle lane hoggers and tailgaters
First problem
Sardinian driving
A Mini Project
The new project
Nissan X-Trail
Used Car Prices
Potential MX-5 Purchase BOUGHT
Next car musings pt 3
Happy 1st anniversary...
Fix for squeaky wipers?
New vehicle!
Oops! Camera van
Car bought!
A small issue I hope
What a bind.
Decision made / Car ordered
'80s heros spotted
Lucky boy
Whichford TT
Git plate adverts
so I said to the salesman
The Zulu Grand Prix - updated with more photos
Thoughts of a change - Done!
Coupla Cupra thoughts
The long, hard slog
Family wagon for £1500
A Beastly personal record.
New car baptism
I like my car too, 6 years on
What was the Megane diesel that looked like a 225?
You know it has been a long day on the road...
Women & Cars part ??
My new toy
The diversity module
Servicing likes and dislikes.
Here's to you Mrs Robinson...
Gotta new motor, oo-arr
I like my car
Milk floats. AKA EVs
Captur alternatives
shopping around
New toy!
Golf R that is a bit nippy
The Third Car
The Shogun - 5 years
XF - 'zorst, 'innit.
2014 Fleet - a bit of a dilemma - resolved for now
I don't often get the time....
Wheel Swap
Nice video of E55 W211
Volvo V50 T5 - 10 days in now 4 months in
It's not just Red Bull that gives you wings.
Dent Magicians
How long have you had yours?
does this work
Plus minuses
Still going strong
The Fiesta 2 years on
The Benz two years on
First day of the year....
My 2013 Ford Fiesta...
GS Series BMW Riders
The 330i at 100k miles
Kitchen Designers Reading
The latest non-breakdown
Out with the Mazda2, in with a Yaris T-Sport
E30 Immaculate
Heavy Metal
Cheap sports saloon
Bonnet Badge
Mk 5 Golf GTI question
Itchy feet
Unfortunate necessity
Renewal time again
Great service.
Arse! A bent arse.
FB's DS4 DStyle 1.6HDi
Puntos’ MOT – advice needed
Appealing Parking Fines
Brake Upgrade
Some kind of Porsche....
The Boxster
more dithering
"Classic of our time"
Perfectly crafted bad taste
My new fad.
Take a seat, Twelfth...
An exhausting day - forum advice sought
i3 on the road
The long, long, long wait to be captur'd
Favourite wheels
Shouty Pants
About that E46....
First 14 Plate
Poor old Scenic may be parted out for spares
Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Lets all try this
To Git or not to Git
He isn't one of us...
A busy morning
Schreibmaschine - first month
Warranty work on the 330
The second MoT
RDQ 14/02/14
Traffic lights
Red green
Poor old 306 is getting parted out for spares...
SUV values
Not quite a milestone …..
Opinions please - job done
DIY wheel refurb
Which Mower
Two and half years in an A8
Tyres bargain
Uh oh, Mondeo is poorly, could be serious (FINAL UPDATE)
Boxster Spec and pictures
1 series not starting
Tough decision
Thinking of a Change Too
13 and loving it
Thinking of a change.
Has the time come?
Test Drives
Good Service
GBB buys brand new car
Another dash shot
Rover 100 problems
Used Car Price Trends
Making life difficult for yourself
Rolling Road
Question for Racing
FG again
Die Schreibmaschine
8-1= still very fast.
The downside of all that FG
Possible Opt-out * Now with Photos *
Roundabout lanes
FAO Nelson
Auris styling
Rain X
Why do folding door mirrors...
Best car care products - opinions welcome
The TVR Restoration
Another new MINI
Caliper paint
MOT/Inspection pass
Big Punisher
Your views on this....
100k Service
RDQ 3/12/13: Fuck, this is going to hurt...
So, what do your parents drive currently (or last drove)?
What's best to polish light scratches?
Tyre Prices
Another 'not mine but...' thread
So, oversteer then...
Boris the Auris has arrived
Itch Scratched
MOT bonus.
I don't often say this...
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