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Tempted to the dark side...
How Much???!!!
If you fancy your own Z1...
How rude...
Are cars worthless?
This looks rather enticing
Anyone for a banzai W124?
Some nice kit here
WheelBidder new auction website
Cheap new metal
Expensive but Lovely
Whadya reckon to this?
That was a good buy...
These seem to keep their price
How to Ruin an NSX...
850 R Estate - another for Blarno?
Fine Old 7-Series
The price is right?
Lot of car for the cash
This looks pricey
One for Dradus Contact
too cheap - Merc, Jag and Alfa
One for a very brave restorer
What's the catch ?
Interesting Italians
Why aren't these cheaper ?
How low can you go...
Hankering after this RS6
Pretty Frenchie
Used car clocking.
One for Roadrunner
Cheap practical load lugger for pennies
Matt's ultimate E36 M3?
Buy a G-Wiz!
How low can they go ?
Only one despotic owner form new...
Did someone want a comfy auto cruiser?
Take one broken van and some double sided sticky tape......
I quite seriously want this
sod the interceptor, just get a 7 series
Take one Jensen Interceptor and one 7-series...
Cheapest V10 S8?
British beef
Delta Integrale
This beast caught my attention today
Really fancy this!
Oh dear!
One for Skyhook
Look. At. The. Exhaust. On. That.
How much?
Cheap mercs
"Turns more heads then any Ferrari" - I think they
Snowplough for sale.
OMG - a Lotus SENATOR?!?!
Expensive and a lefty, but sooo cool...
Lovely 130i
Golly this is cheap
Would You Dare?
Not wanting to sell it then?
Cool BMW
This is extra specially lovely
When did the E60 M5 become so affordable?
This is lovely
Cracking W124
Yet another car thats taken a tumble
Holy crap - when did the arse drop out of these ?.
Winner of "lowest annual mileage" award goes to...
I think I could spend all day...
Anyone need a large estate car?
New 147 and 156 GTA's 17,995!
Wanna take your dog on track days?
1500 panda
Bargain A3 sportback?
Bargain RS4
Wonder why this hasn't sold...
DS for sale
Thumping good value
For those with fatwahs on them
Oh dear! I swear I'm addicted......
Golf on our street
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
ooh dear.
I'm really liking this.
Now this is a Mini...
Classic Japanese Car porn - now with the right link
Classifieds Aussie style
The new Autotrader search engine
Recurring 'want one'
Almost a bargain
One for Matt
Your thoughts on these please.
You'll probably laugh but....
Yank bastards make me puke
Having a pop at the Fiat 500
645 ci manuals
A gem amongst the turds
Shocking Interior
Someone has to love them
Don't find many of these about
I did'nt know they made these!
These kind of took my fancy!
Preludes hold their price well!
For all you pick-up fans out there...
CE Mercs
Baby Hummer - is he on something?
Mondeo depreciation depressingly horrific
Like this
Blasts from the past
Oh my good God...
How to be different...
Not a Merc but nice anyway
Miley and pricey
Cheapo Sportka & Fiesta ST (?)
Ispiration for you modders....
Lovely old schmoozer
A little bit of history and cheap
Autotrader Used car of the Year
Mint-looking E39 M5 for 10,995?
Mint 750i sport for buttons
No track days
5.0 Supercharged RR Classic anyone?
Modified GTA
A Z1 for Matt
Could do with a hair cut
Lust-inducing Land Rovers
Mega motor - wanky advert
Brand Spankers Integrale anyone?
I don't remember this!
Weird BMW
On the subject of E30 M3s...
What's She Worth?
Who wants to be Pam Ewing?
For Matt
Recognise this?
Dribblesome 635s.....
Watcha Think 2
Dreaming again.
Whatcha think?
More Frenchie slop for the forum frogsters
And I Love THIS...
Love this
That bloody Golf in yesterday's Autocar
You know you want it!
Why do people do this ?
Want to be 'The Hoff' for a day?
pretty cheap e type
Taste Advice Required
Deal or no deal?
Good value?
Today, I am mostly wanting this... NOT!
Spot the (deliberate) mistake
, whereas I'm more interested in these....
But today I fancy an ex-Harvey Bailey Bentley
Whereas I want an even sillier Italian saloon....
Today I am mostly wanting this......
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