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Why have a CLS or CC Coupe when you can have the original.
The mothership is going
I don't usually care for Minis but...
Alpina B3s
why do I keep looking at old 911's??
Anyone interested?
Old Italian cars don't rust
Sweet Fangita Adams !
The depreciation on this...
Am liking this
What car and why ?
Cheap beef
A few gems from Pistonheads
Tidy bit of swoosh
Now this, I like
Advert for chavved Clio
Stripey carpets
Not quite Ecletic cars
A real car for Frank
One for Jonny
On the subject of yummy sharknose BMWs
Most illiterate ad of the day
A breadvan for Matt
Ebay is dangerous
Not everyone's cup of tea
Come on, i dare someone
This looks familiar...
Now this is my kind of classic
What were they thinking when they specified this??
Now this is nice
Stick a fork in me - I'm done !
Retro clone ???
Alfa 4x4
I know...
Cayenne -UKs worst ?
Dumbs ads
Ma'm's Daim'
Bentley Arnage Triple Black
UK's most expensive Merc 230te?
Cliff's Capri
Hmm. This looks well cared for.
Just love these
Is it worth that much?
Cute but pricey
Ouchsome depreciation
Original Gameboy
Unusual colour names
Quick off the mark
Cracking old S class
What's big, orange and shit ?
This looks nice, but....
Mama Mia
Most ambitious pricing ever?
Cheap luxury
What price rarity?
This can't be right!
This would suprise a few people
High mileage/small car
Must sound epic
Some appealing stuff here
This looks like fun
One for Mr G Zero surely
Shiny steering wheels...
Puma replacement
cheap barge anyone
A rare relic
Mint E30 Touring
I think I'm turning Japanese
Which Wafter?
Used prices
V6 GTV 1750 miles anybody?
If only i had 46k spare
What everyday classic would you choose?
Is this really scrappage?
Bangle's First Bootlid?
Baaadoing !!!
Used car presentation
Time warp XJ40
Young Timers - great VFM
For the wealthy E38 lover
Have irrational urge...
Timewarp Alfa
Trackday fun
Pimp my A2
This looks good for the money
Anyone fancy a nice 205GTI 1.9?
Rocking horse poo BMWs
Lovely, lovely, lovely
A bit pricey but otherwise lovely
Replacement Musings 2...
Replacement musings.......
Cheap or Expensive
Can't believe the price these are now
Restored Alfa 75
You must be kidding
Imola hotness
Bentley Phaetons doing budgie impressions (going cheep !)
Going to see this on Saturday (hopefully)
Nice Old BMWs
Latest used car obsession is...
Cringeworthy 911 turbo ad
Save 25K on an Audi Sportback
Brand new SD1
What's wrong with this ad?
Jolly good value
Ford Focus Cosworth
Utterly Droolsome DS
Cheap Boxsters.
Cornering the market in low mileage E39 M5s
A cheap Citroen that I would consider owning
Nice old Audi
Would you be brave enough?
Why are these so valuable ?
It must be love....
The ultimate R129?
Meanwhile in the land of clouds and Cuckoos
Example of fixer upper...but I like it
For Racing
oh dear
If it looks to good to be true.....
Am I mad?
Hmm. How can I sneak this in the garage...
Timewarp SAAB
One thing leads to another
Never seen anything like this
Pimp my Compact
Unleash your inner rally ace
Not my choice but looks good value
Be still my throbbing man part
Unleash your inner boy-racer
Volvos don't often make me go "Cor!"
sgCarMart (Part 2)
0 to 100 mph in 10.8 seconds - wibble !
Following on from the Buggies
These are gorgeous - this one is incredible value
Worst reason for selling ever?
Expensive but yummy
Cheap W123 Coupe
Sweet M3
Clio anyone?
Wonder what the bodywork is like...?
Not even sure how many there are....
One for Matt
hypothetical new car question
What a markup!
Or this to be really different.
Wanna be a drift hero in a classic car
One for Guitar Zero...
Lovely old smoker
Fiat Oddity
How much?!
I need to sell some body parts...
What ya reckon?
Sorely tempted
For Big TC
Pocket money E38
Broadspeed: Kia BOGOF
How much do you reckon?
Caveat Emptor
Shall we have the BMW or the Peugeot?
Might be fun?
Ambitious pricing
Very appropriate numberplate...
Today, I am mostly intrigued by this...
Smug git alert
XF honeymoon is over
This is cheap
A moonboot too far.
Someone who spent even more than ALF on his Alfa
RS4 getting cheaper
8c or not 8c
One for Kraft
This is just silly.
Fancy a new unregistered W126?
Bargain coupes
Call me Arfur, my next car might be a Jag
My number plate?
What planet is this chancer living on?
Saddam Husseins Rolls on ebay
04 Cayenne - How much????
One for Matt the W124-lover?
Want to downsize from an SUV
Good value?
Unusually appealing
Fast Passats
1/2 price 5-series anyone?
Not a Shaguar, but very Austin Powers....
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