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I see my old 500E is back up for sale
One for Kraft, one for BB and a few for me.
*Calls bank manager*
One for Martin, how cheap will these go?
What's even more 70's than a Fiat 130?
The past was bright, the past was orange!
Sharknose - who's feeling brave?
If you're 456 must be Manual
Is it wrong to like this?
Martin, may be this is what you need?
For Kraft, or anyone who wants to emulate him
Candidate for longest ever advert!?!
When did these get so cheap?
All this talk of 911's
Perfect match for Jean Luc
Check out the interior on this!
Yes its an old car that still runs. Get f*cking over it!
I need something Italian in my life
Very period and certainly rare
Got about £7,000 to spend on a '70s classic?
High on the list for next spring....
Caterfield type Kit Cars
For Kraft? Or anyone wanting cheap winter wheels
M's keep getting cheaper
I like almost everything this chap has in stock!
Replacement for the E500
This caught my eye...
Calling ALF
I don't know what to make of this.
Girly car
Unsafe,unreliable,uncomfortable? But cool to smoke about in!
Anyone recognise this car?
Just to annoy Martin
Anyone in the North East know this dealer?
What Krafty's Merc is replacing...
Nice but out of budget
How dealer websites should be
Calling Blarnosport...
Hubba - and let's not be coy - hubba!
Cheap ST220 Estate - Ideal for Phil
The £7k AX....
Any advice about 2007 Mondeo 2.2TDCi 155 STs?
E Bay funny
Cheap Mini for someone - Eff One? (<£9K for massive spec
BMW 135i Coupe for anyone?
Blame Fast & Furious - which colour
Spenny but very tidy
An even more OMG colour...
Is it wrong to like this?
Dr H - shpuld you tire of the Countryman
Manual V8 wagon anyone?
Nice Z3
Lottery win
Have you seen the price of used Toyotas lately?
Another cheap GTA?
Sod the L322
An OMG colour
Something;s not quite right...
My MX-5 on Pistonheads
Which would you choose?
Caveat emptor
Comedy pricing at its finest
Perfect, so why aren't I excited?
£50k for a 2CV
Take your pic
Whether or not the rumours r true they are definitely cheap
Dealership names
A good advert?
E46 M3s
Never raced or rallied
Manual 335i anyone?
Who wanted a Ronin S8?
Would you?
My heart says RR, my head says
V8 Twins
Carpet Stripes
Never knew these existed
I can't believe this...
Most ridiculous dealer ever
So this is what happened to the Olympic Fleet
One for the Chipster
Would you buy this?
IIRC someone's dad had one of these
Weird Land Rovers
How to travel in the snow
Now this IS rare
Want a 959?
E46 M3s
205 anyone?
£18k off an XFR....
How much?
Z4 anyone?
Too many?
Trackday cars - silly retained value
Old School
Cheaper A8
The Transporter
One for Matt
Mercedes-Benz dealers - eyeopening
Cheap subtle V8 beef
You thought the X5 was bad?
For them wot like Rover 3500s
Ebay weirdness
Stilo replacement?
Yat another cheap Saab and a Volvo for , NOW +1 for Frank
Go for gold!
Bangs for bucks
For soulless
Why do I want one of these so much?
Dealer demos?
A good example of how to write an ad
One for Ben
Did I say Citroen's were expensive?
£10,000 off but....
Did I say Saab's were cheap?
How the world changes
Tricky to get further left field than this
For you fast Ford fetishists
Cheap Legacy anyone?
Nice S8
5.0 V8 goodness
Scrub the SUV plan! Since when were Porsches this cheap.....
New Blarno family wagon?
Where did I put that lottery ticket!?
500 miles a year
Even better than the real thing...
Oh for a lottery win....
What is it Really 'Worth'?
Jap Taxi
Lexus bargains
SubiAudi 5 Series
Why buy a Duster
Why by a Dacia
You lot are a GOOD influence. 260/850 replacement bought.
Another unusual classic estate
Sweet 8 series
I am not normally one for Yank Tanks but...
Would you?
Well that's a relief...
For Frank
This is fantastic
Shed of the Week
Cool or not?
Price Difference
One for the Citroen fans
Geek chic...
Brand new Octavia VRs
Audi RS6 bucket seats
Saabs keep getting cheaper and other cheap stuff
I'm dribbling...
Williams M3
I miss bangernomics
One for Matt......
I need this
These really are unloved these days
AMG 65s
Not a bargain but definitely...
Cheap Ferrari *cough*
Thread for the worst eBay ads
Nice 996
OK, this is a really cheap Saab?
Incredibly cheap ur Quattro
Rocking. Horse. Shit.
New contender for nastiest interior...
Unusual Galaxy ?
Nice, but pricey.
Some rare, rare stuff
Time to buy a lottery ticket.
Like this
One for Blarno
Like this
Performance (of sorts) bargains
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