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Nissan Pathfinder

I had the dubious pleasure of using this vehicle while visiting Oz a few weeks ago. It's a 2009 Nissan Pathfinder STL, diesel auto.

I suppose the first thing to establish is some context and these things are not expensive, about half the price of a Discovery, although of far more relevance, considerably cheaper than a Land Cruiser Prado and for the money you get a large seven seat tank with the potential of four wheel drive. I say potential as this particular example (and it seems from looking online a great many others) suffer a fault on the 4WD clutch that locks it into 2WD.

The build quality wasn't what I was expecting. A few bits had dropped off that formed quite a collection in the boot and the bonnet rattled around so much when driving that I thought it was open. The drive on tarmac isn't great with a soft, bouncy ride but this translates into comfortable progress over terrain off road. The steering was light but did have some feel and I did find myself enjoying throwing the thing around. The gearbox was ok but held onto gears a bit much and was very reluctant to kick down. There is a manual override which is useful for engine braking on unsealed surfaces but doesn't change down if you want to when it doesn't.

Overall not bad but far from great. I'd never buy one.

Andy C

Great scenery !

I had one a few years back,it was ok just dynamically way behind x5s etc,but it had a likeable simplicity about it,and felt like you old drive across the Sahara and back without any problems.

franki68 wrote:
a likeable simplicity about it,

Oddly, this bit does appeal

Cheap and cheerful make them sensible. A fully loaded one from drive the deal for 30k (37k less 7k off) means that they are a full size SUV for mid-size money.

Surprised by the quality issues though. I imagine them to be well built and pretty bulletproof. Mind you, I guess the issues were trim rather than engineering?

The trim was falling off but the 4WD seems to be vulnerable to a number of faults. They don't have the bullet proof build of a Land Cruiser it would seem. I think Pathfinders are built in Europe - should that make any difference.

I see them as an alternative to a Shogun rather than an X5 so you're presumably less likely to be interested in them if your tastes run to 22 inch wheels, etc.

Andy C wrote:
Great scenery !

Indeed. Never mind how it drives, it looks good in that environment!

Great number plate - D 7 - or have you blanked out some digits?

No, it's a git plate. Their other car is 7 D.

At least nobody's going to challenge you in traffic with all that ironwork on the front. What's the big aerial for?

The roo bar is quite essential. It was called into action recently hence the damage to the front plate.
The aerial is for a two way radio.

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