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Nissan Note

Had this for a week or so, after Mrs Scamper managed to prang the Cumquat.

It was the 1.2 3 cylinder petrol.  Could not tell if it was the boggo 80hp or supercharged 95hp version.  Either way, as long as you were not going up inclines it had enough poke,quiet when pootling about but  revved nicely.  I actually liked the engine note, which come to think of it, I guess was the supercharged.  Was also fun to punt along with plenty of front end grip and easy to feel what was going on through the tyres.  Ride was acceptably firm and motorway cruising fine.

The mid spec Alcenta trim had nice looking alloys, cruise, air-con, cd, aux/ipod plug in, steering wheel mounted controls so was fine.  Looked pretty solid, but an annoying rattle or two in what was a new car.  The seats were also some of the best I've sat in.  The only two negatives were the door card was uncomfortable to rest the elbow and the front was a little cramped around the footwell.

I gather this type of car is called a super mini MPV, I presume because the rear bench could slide back and forth.  Furthest forward this gives a frankly massive 411 litre boot, plus the generous storage under the boot floor.   Slide the seats back and the leg room is equally impressive.

A quick look on line, and nearly new examples are around the 10k mark at main dealers.  Taking a couple of 6ft friends for a day trip great, just slide the bench back.  Need  the boot space for a weekend away, slide it forward.  Would also therefore be a brilliant  small practical car with kids up to the age of say 2. If the rear seat would go back and forth split 40/60 rather than as one Mrs Scamper would possibly buy one. A good car, if lacking a bit of style, although  I'd seriously consider one rather than going up a class in size.

Nissan Notes seem to get terrible press. But I've always preferred them visually to things like the B-Max and Zafira.

I've driven the supercharged one, and I thought it was quite interesting. Not really fast by any means but pretty characterful.

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