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Nissan Juke 1.5 dci Acenta Premium

Had a test drive in one of these the other day as it's been on the list to replace the MINI fr a while.

Obviously the Juke is a very divisive car as far as styling goes but I like it. I can't quite say the same about the way the interior looks - it's pretty rubbish, The plastics are all hard and scratchy and the seats in the demonstrator, which were trimmed in a sort of brushed cloth, already looked a bit tatty. The ergonomics didn't seem great. I couldn't get on with the seating position, finding the seat too short, flat and lacking support and the steering wheel too low. It adjusts for height although not enough for me, and doesn't adjust for reach. There were other oddities to the controls. For example, the main toggle style switch for the stereo controls on the wheel is where I'd expect to go to adjust the volume. However it was for the 'seek/scan' function, with the volume relegated to a fiddly rocker switch lower down, that wasn't really that easy to reach with your thumb. It all struck me as a bit counter intuitive and slapdash.

Onto the drive, then. The 1.5 diesel is pretty coarse from a cold start and clatters away as you move off. It quietens down somewhat once it's warm. I think it's got about 105ish bhp and a decent chunk of torque, so although it's certainly not quick it picks up speed quite briskly - much better, I'd imagine, than the 1.6 non-turbo petrol. I found the gearshift fairly nasty - it wasn't obstructive but it felt a bit 'thin' and papery. It was also easy to get fourth when you wanted sixth.

Chassis wise, I was reasonably impressed for the most part. For a tall car, it controls its body movements well the majority of the time. This is achieved at the expense of a firm but not crashy ride, which was perfectly tolerable. With quick, precise and nicely weighted steering the Juke was actually quite good fun to drive down a twisty road. The car's stature was betrayed on some uneven cambers and surfaces, though, when it would almost rock from side to side and throw your head around in a way that was very much at odds with the rest of its road manners. Brakes weren't the best I've ever used - they seemed to require more of an effort on the pedal to bite than I like.

I can see why Nissan has sold so many of these as the car has plenty of good points. However we concluded that the low rent interior, imperfect driving position and some other bits that just didn't quite 'feel' right were enough to rule it out. Back to 'Plan A' then...

I admire the way they look but I don't like it. Couldn't even tell you what they looked like inside.
It's good they sell for UK PLC, and they seem to be very popular, but not something I would ever consider.
Humphrey The Pug

I really like the exterior styling of the Juke and got to drive one on Captur training; it was a massive dissapointment.

The ride and refinement was terrible, visibility was crap and the interior was woeful, as well as the poor boot space and rear legroom, apart from that lot I still like the way it looks from the outside.
Frank Bullitt

We love them but they are a tad too small for family FB inside - a friend has a 1.6 turbo which is quick and he loves it.

I don't mind they aren't the last word in interior quality - compared to the 'premium' alternatives they are inexpensive.

After a MINI, most other non-premium cars are going to feel cheap and dull inside.
Andy C

You definitely made the right choice in another mini !

Another one who admired Nissan for being different externally. I've even grown to like it after the initial shock.

But I also agree that the interior is very low rent. I could live with the low rent plastics, but what is that centre console in body colour plastic all about? I think the designer said that it was supposed to be like a motorcycle fuel tank!  

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