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Andy C

NEC Classic Car Show

Had a great day here today. Some really nice suprises:

Probably about 85% of the cars I had no interest in, but it's well worth a visit to this show just to see some of the above !

Thanks Andy. That Chimaera looked very tidy. I've put the standard wheels back on mine.

Love the Porsches and the XJ220.

Great photos but you missed that lovely Granada  
Andy C


Do you ever tire of seeing cars like the f40, f50, Enzo ? I must have spent about 45 minutes just  looking at the detail on each car

The new 308 has a very nice interior. It feels very well screwed together and more German than French. The position of the steering wheel lets it down though, as like the 208 gti, you cannot see all the dials !!

I'm more than ever convinced now, the older the 911, the better looking it is

The mg3 is just awful . It looks shit and the interior is truly terrible

How cool is that 405 mi16?!

The e30 m3 was stunning but wayy overpriced

Xj220 .. My favourite ever car .   Now even more so after seeing the above. I didn't even know they made black ones.  It looked absolutely fantastic in black, the pics really don't do it justice .  Want want want

The silvery v8 vantage .. I knew they were quite cheap now , but the one above only had 50k on the clock , with a load of options and it was 35k.  I dunno what year it was , or even if that is good value, but just standing there looking at it , it's a hell of a car for that sort of money

I wouldn't have done that if that was my roller in the last pic !

I see they've moved LVeB back to the bank holiday weekend...
Humphrey The Pug

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

I love the Porsches and the XJ220 and that one didn't seem that much money, for what it was.

One thing though, I have never got the F50, I love F40's and Enzo's but I've never had an interest in F50's.

Veyrons don't do anything for me either, I've never seen one in the flesh on the pupblic road and I'd like too to tick it off my list however I just don't get them either; I think it's the image they have and the sort of people who seem to buy them that put me off.

Oh and the Countach, it looks a mess however I so want one.

simonp wrote:
I see they've moved LVeB back to the bank holiday weekend...

I think it was moved last year due to a large Bugatti event abroad?

Good pics, Andy. I find myself hankering after a Peugeot hatch now - a proper one, of course like a 306...

Great pics.

Still go weak at the knees when I see a standard 205 gti

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