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My transport for the last few days...don't get too excited!

The Insignia goes back on Tuesday next week but I only received notification late last week that BCA wanted to come and inspect it today! Having no time to change my plans for this week and not wanting to get my car dirty with a couple of hundred miles driving after giving it a good clean and polish, our fleet guy handed me the keys to my colleagues car (she's gone travelling to NZ for two months)....

It is the Hybrid model and it really isn't a great deal of fun to drive. The navigation system is aweful and really unintuitive. I ended up looking on Google maps on my iPad to check where to go (luckily my destination was on a main road so not difficult to memorise!)

I managed to get all the way to the shops in fully electric mode last night which was a mile or so through the village. So it's been interesting if nothing else. We got a call today to say the inspector was sick so the Insignia gets it's inspection tomorrow morning. I'm travelling to Yorkshire in the afternoon so I'm glad I'll be doing it in the Vauxhall. The little Toyota really struggled to maintain motorway speeds without revving like mad and drinking fuel.

I went in a taxi Auris Hybrid a few months ago. It was pretty grim.

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