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Mrs Scouse's new motor

Citroen DS3 BluedHDI Elegance:
Seems a nice enough drive (even though I've only driven it around town). First impression is of a bigger, airier cabin than her Fiesta. And it's purple, so that should keep her happy.

Twelfth Monkey

Much prefer it in that colour to the usual red/white/yellow.
Nice Guy Eddie

Love the colour and I quite like DS3. Thumbs up from me

That looks nice and makes a change from all the yellow ones around here.
Humphrey The Pug

Nice, I do like the DS3, however not a huge fan of the new grille.
Frank Bullitt

Can't see the pictures but assume it's Whisper Purple - very nice colour indeed. I got it in the neck from Mrs FB when I bought the current car as she spotted another one in this colour and loves it - I prefer the red, hence I didn't show her the purple one (I'd already seen it)

Nice car the DS3, do like them a lot

I'm not a fan of these since they took the Citroen badges off but they're a nice basic shape. Love the colour though.
They seem to be enduringly popular with driving instructors.

Re: Mrs Scouse's new motor

Scouse wrote:
Citroen DS3

Good grief man, have you not been paying attention? it's not a Citroen any more. It's a DS.  

Nice brave colour choice.  
Racing Teatray

Very smart. I did suggest one of these to Signora Racing, who used to have a fondly-recalled Saxo and is therefore presumably not averse to Citroen as a brand, but she didn't bite.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Humphrey The Pug wrote:
Nice, I do like the DS3, however not a huge fan of the new grille.

+1. I think Citroen* fixed something that wasn't broken. Preferred the old wheels too.

* yes, I know ...

Another DS3 fan here.

What arfe they like in the back?

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