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Racing Teatray

Mr Wayne, your new car has arrived...

It looks a lot nicer in black than red.

I wonder what the total mileage of all the LaFerraris in the world is so far.
Nice Guy Eddie

Still looks shit too these eyes and those mirrors are rather daft.

The video of LaFerrari on the Nurburgring shows how massively powerful it is as it just reels in anything in front as if it is standing still.
Humphrey The Pug

The LaFerrari is just a mess.

Video great, Batmobile shite.

Odd one the LaF, journos always say how amazing it looks (even beautiful) but social media seems to hate it. For what it's worth I think it's stunning, in particular the way the body work is shrink wrapped around the mechanical, it's why I also love the new Ford GT.

And talking of function over form, I thought this thread was going to be about a different car, and I bet its another one which will polarise opinions!

I'll buck the apparent dislike and say that I certainly don't find it offensive and apart from the front which looks too much like a basking shark, I really like the rest of it.

Having seen the one at Prescott up close, I really liked it. That video is fantastic!

I really like that as well, but would still have a 918.

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