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Motorsport magazine

Worth getting this month just for Roebuck devoting his entire 'column'* to an interview with Mark Webber.

* how can it be a 'column' when it usually runs to 5 or 6 pages?
Twelfth Monkey

These days I can't muster the enthusiasm to buy an F1 magazine.  Did he have anything horrible to say about Vettel or Horner?

I get an occasional phone call from Motorsport asking if I would like to subscribe again.

I liked most of Roebucks columns but got irritated when he occasionally said there was no place in sport for politics then, maybe a couple of issues later, had a rant about Gordon Brown  

I can't imagine Webber having anything too juicy to say as he's probably still wrapped up in a non-disclosure agreement of some kind.

Has he stopped whinging?

I expect Webber said whatever he had to to the team, rather than the media?

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