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Big Blue

MotoGP Czech

We're in SK for race weekend and W2.0's sister lives near the circuit. Trying to talk her into letting me take her nephew.....
Big Blue

.... and I'm going
Big Blue

It rained all day until about 30minutes before the start of the big race. It was still packed to the gunnels, however.

Everyone came to see this guy. I mean EVERYONE.

The WC leader rode a canny race. Can't see him losing the title race TBH.

Put simply this is Lorenzo: the most unpopular champion and rider in history. I've never seen a rider booed on the warm up that much and huge cheers and jeers of derision when his race strategy ended in ignominious failure. He can't do it in the wet.

Amazing to be at a MotoGP and see an English rider win. First time for 35 years.

But like I said everyone came to see this guy.

Nice Guy Eddie

What will Moto go do without him? Still with Rossi gone it means the crowd probably won't hate everyone else. Was it the hate that finished off Stoner prematurely?
Big Blue

I don't know about Stoner: he says it was the travel and the interference of electronic aids that put him off, but Sete Gibernau definitely left totally psyched out.

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