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More your car expense.

You win some you lose some.

Having hopefully saved 700 on a new PAS pump with the new part (arrived today but I'll wait until post Xmas to get it fitted as we need the car over the holiday), I now face a 400 bill.

I got the car washed at the amazing "Magic Car Wash" hand wash on the H3 in Milton Keynes. Watching them dry the car I noticed the paint by the sills was starting to bubble.

Closer inspection revealed a degree of paint lifting and also what initially felt like rotten metal.

I've been to my local bodyshop today and seems the underseal was applied directly onto unpainted metal when the sills were repaired 8 yrs or so ago. Moisture has got in an is lifting the paint, hopefully it just needs stripping and the rust ground back and hasn't perforated.

Cost of 400 in total, though that will include the rear arch as well which is bubbling slightly.

Moral of this story is to NEVER use an insurance companies repairer as they will cut corners.

We had a nightmare with them at the time and I regretted at the time not fighting harder to choose the repairer.

At least I've learned a lesson, from now on my choice of repairer only. And the job will be a good one, our local place is very top end (place is full of Aston Martins). I suspect I've got no hope of claiming anything back from the original repair shop.

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