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More Forza stuff

I rememebered that on GT1 I tried a car out with maximum negative camber on all wheels (I can't remember why this seemed like a good idea) and it was clearly visible on screen during gamplay as well as having a noticeable effect on the handling and tyre temperatures so I thought that I'd try it out on Forza for a laugh.

I selected a Fiesta Zetec (or whatever it is in the game) and added the full race suspension set up as follows:-

1) Maximum softness all round including bump rebound
2) Minimum ride height front
3) Maximum ride height rear
4) Maximum negative camber front
5) Maximum positive camber rear

The results were clearly noticeable.
After 4 laps of the short Iberian circuit the inside edges of the front tyres and outside edges of the rears were glowing bright red on the hotometer.

Not only that but the car torque steered away from standstill (on standard engine power) was capable of massive lift-off oversteer pretty much anywhere and bounced round like a demented pogo.
It was a total riot and the replay was pretty amusing too.

In the interests of, er, science I'm going to try the car with a few different setups and will progress to trying something rwd and 4wd as well.

I'll try to get a few pictures if they convey the weird look of the cars setup.

The last game had the tyre physics, but now you can see tyre deformation, too.
I love FM3. I don't care what GT fan-boys tend to say, FM3 mimics the flow of a car far better.

I thought the vehicle dynamics were good in GT1 and 2 but not so good in 3 and 4.

I certainly won't be rushing out to buy a PS3 when GT5 appears.
Humphrey The Pug

I get bored very quickly with Forza 3, I could play GT4 for hours.

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