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Mitsubishi outlander PHEV

Not driven but driven around in while my sister is over. What a weird car. The transition from electric to petrol power is seemless, it's genuinely impressive but I have no idea what the fuel economy is like given they're not charging it.
It's a shame that it looks absolutely awful as its a fascinating car.

The husband of a girl who works for me has one as a company car. I have been in it a couple of times and it was in the electric mode only (they charge theirs up every night and it just manages the daily commute on battery power) They love it and the low benefit in kind and low running costs are a big bonus.

It certainly isn't a vehicle which grabs you with its dynamic ability but in electric mode it is reasonably quick, quiet and does nearly 20 miles of gentle electric only driving. It is large inside and a perfectly pleasant place to sit if you just want transport for the family.

It certainly seems very clever. It is one of those vehicles that if a mainstream player had produced it, the press would be all over it. But as it is (a) a Mitsubishi and (b) no looker, it seems to get little coverage.

Mitsubishi outlander PHEV

is that onomatopoeic?

It's quite likeable and for a lot of people I think it would be a perfect vehicle. I've also noticed a lot of them since experiencing them myself. Makes more of a whirring noise than phevving sound,Phil.
Twelfth Monkey

It seems to me to be the polar opposite of the i3.  That positions itself as the future, this as the past with leccy power.  They'll appeal to different people, but I know which I'd rather have.

I've seen a lot of them around actually. It's certainly one of he most popular Mitsubishis of this century and I reckon it's mixture of low CO2 (therefore low BIK) and SUV body hits all the right notes as far as the current new car market is concerned. I'd probably say I've seen at least 5 for every i3 if not more because the i3 is still a small hatchback but the market is in love with SUVs right now.

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