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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

As they normally use the top of the range, best looking model for the promo pics, I'm resolutely unimpressed. That big arch/small wheel combo really is massively unattractive. Just make another Evo and get rid of all the uninteresting shiteboxes!

It looks like my Prius, on stilts.
Twelfth Monkey

That looks crap.
Nice Guy Eddie

Er, I like the rear lights and its not the most ugly thing on the roads.

Are those rear lights a hangover from their old alliance with Volvo in the mid 90's?

I was also unaware that Carlos Gosn left Renault/Nissan for Mitsubishi. He must like a challenge!

Does bring back memories of the Pontiac Aztec.

A waste of steel.


Looks like a Volvo V40 on stilts.

I wondered what you were on about but then looked at it, remembered what a V40 is and now I completely see that.

Over designed to the point of being ugly.

Well to take a different perspective, I like the side view. The front is, well, like all the uber-grille fronts that people seem to design now and the Civic-like rear end is not that good either. So if you see one, just stand at one side as it passes.

The one thing it may be is well screwed together. Our Shogun feels like it would withstand a nuclear strike and keep going.

It's the Pontiac Aztec all over again. Yuk.

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