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Milan (& Venice) in June

As most of you know, Herself and I went to Milan to see Pearl Jam last week. Managed to take a few (hundred!) photos, of which some I actually like!

This is fairly typical of many town houses in the outskirts of the city centre (if you know what I mean!)

First place we went to see was the Church of Santa Marie delle Grazie. It holds a number of rather nice paintings, but the most famous, The Last Supper, is in a separate building and has a year's waiting time to see it!

Allegedly, this is the original graffiti….. not so sure about that!

Easiest way around the city is the Metro. €4.50 for an all-day ticket is pretty good value I reckon. Never seen a dog on the underground before though.

The main Church in Milan is The Duomo (Cathedral), set in the main square called, strangely, Piazza Duomo.

Complete with video screens for advertising purposes!

To the side of that is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a large number of very upmarket (aka VERY expensive!) shops. The roof is pretty cool though.

Went in to the Duomo itself for a look round. Be rude not to really!

Bit of work being done inside, which was a bit disconcerting!

On the Friday we went to see how long it would tale us to walk to San Siro from our hotel. Only took us 25 minutes, which included taking a wrong turn off one of the roundabouts, so not too bad. First proper sight of the stadium ….

Many of the upper floor apartments have their own gardens - a typical example.

In front of the stadium is a disused trotting track - this was for horse "Trotting" races, sadly no longer run since the recession hit.

Another view of the stadium.

My favourite shot of all the ones I took of the stadium itself.

I'll give you a wee rest for a minute now!

Across from the San Siro stadium is Milan's horse race track, 'Ippodromo Gallopo' in Italian. Honest!

Inside is a huge horse statue, presented by the USA to thank the people of Milan for ….. something. I forget now!  

Anyway, tried a bit of "forced perspective" with Herself … worked a bit; not bad for a first attempt.

The outer wall of the racecourse, which goes right round the whole site, is totally covered in graffiti. And I mean, totally. There is not a single wall panel/element which doesn't have a covering of paint on it. Most a really quite artistic - if a little bizarre on occasion!

Well, I did say 'most'!

Hmmmm …. well…

Later in the day we found ourselves in the Lotto district, where what we thought was a University/College building turned to have an Aston dealer in it! Look hard, and you'll see yours truly reflected in the window.

And so, to what was really the main event. No support act here (though there will be at MK - go figure!) but who cares? Not us, that's for sure!

The stadium has a nominal capacity of 80,018 people. Even though one of the long-side stands was empty, there can't have been much less than 70,000 people inside on the night.

The band onstage, early on.

Mr. V

Getting darker now …

Not THAT dark though!!

About 2/3 of the way through now!

After this pic, Herself had something of a panic attack when she had to climb the precipice of tower 4 to get to the toilets. To be fair, the stairs were very steep, and by then it was really dark and pretty much everyone was pretty pissed!

In the end, we left as the band went off stage, mainly so Herself wouldn't feel worried about going down the tower ramp. Bearing in mind it took nerly quarter of an hour to get down without the crowds, it was probably the best decision in the circumstances. (Not one I'd have made if alone, though).
Happily, we were able to hear the band's 7-song encore nearly all the way back to our hotel, and (mostly) even better than we could inside the stadium! From where we were sitting (which you can gauge from the pics) the acoustics were shockingly bad, as I half-expected, a situation which will hopefully not be as bad at Milton Keynes.

Saturday brought a leisurely wander round Milan. There are some nice cars in Milan, a lot of small city-car types, and a significant number of Range Rovers and the like. Some, not so nice.

These pictures don't do justice to just how bad a state this poor old Spitfire was in.

In contrast, chappie here was enjoying blatting up and down the streets in between traffic lights. Sounded rather nice I must say.

I always find Swiss-registered supercars a source of some amusement - not entirely sure why to be honest!

After lunch we headed for the Castello Sfozeco, which was (part of) the original walled area of Milan and incorporated a large park area for the Duke of Milan. I'm sure I don't need to point out who uses his Coat of Arms these days!

The Branca Tower (Torre Branca) is just along the road from the park. This is parked at the bottom of the tower.

Couple of shots from the top, 109 metres up.

A not uncommon parking sight in Milan!

So, Sunday we'd pre-booked a trip to Venice. The train took the strain, and we enjoyed a fast, yet relaxed, trip from Mussolini's Stazione Centrale.

Graffiti gets EVERYwhere!


Not quite "Dukes of Hazzard" material, is it?


Herself trying on a matching "Pipetto" mask

Yours Truly! Sorry ……

Grand Canal traffic.

Nearly back in Milan ….. long curve, long train!

Lego version of Duomo Cathedral in Milan Linate airport.

No video screens here!

So, that's it. I took quite a lot of pics on the plane home, but who wants pics of wings and blurry landscapes? Not me!

We didn't see as much of Venice as we'd have liked, so plan is a weekend break sometime next year. Or maybe Rome ………..


That looks great.

For the last few gigs I've been to it's been completely necessary to wear ear plugs (or rolled up bogroll stuffed in your ears) due to the sound clearly being turned up to about 15.
Presumably it's not so bad at a stadium?
Big Blue

Nice trip.

We did Milan "in a day" when we last went to Monza. Great city but the towns in the hills and lakes are better IMHO

Nice shots. I know the Venice area very well having lived in those parts. Last time I was in Milan the cathedral was covered in scaffold so it's nice to see it for a change.
Andy C

Superb pics

Tim wrote:
That looks great.

For the last few gigs I've been to it's been completely necessary to wear ear plugs (or rolled up bogroll stuffed in your ears) due to the sound clearly being turned up to about 15.
Presumably it's not so bad at a stadium?

Sadly, the quality of the sound was dire where we were sitting. Having been sat in a similar sort of juxtaposition to the stage at Hampden, it seems a common theme. The vocals were noticeably easier to hear even at the corner of the stadium (beside the tower, where the more front-on pics were taken from) so I presume would be best right in front of the stage. Having spoken to a couple of folk who'd been on the pitch at Hampden, the sound quality there was pretty poor too.

Re the pics - thank you guys. Andy, you may be interested to know some of the Milan ones, and most of the Venice ones, were taken on my Nikon D90. The others were on my Panasonic TZ10.

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