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Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet
Twelfth Monkey

Frank Bullitt

Gross in both the English and German sense of the word
Nice Guy Eddie

Fear not, as long as you don't go to Monaco, Dubai or LA for your holidays, you'll never have to look at one again.

Can't understand why anyone wouldn't take a Rolls Dawn

Agree with Ed, I can't see why you'd settle for this and not a Roller. I'm surprised Mercedes neglected to put some proper wood on the rear deck rather than that horrible black plastic cover.

That is deeply unpleasant.
Big Blue

I'm buying one.

Seriously it's not that bad. Pointless shit but not awful.
Twelfth Monkey

It's a vanity project.


I like the S Class convertible and the coupe but the Maybach version seems to have lost something. I don't think the wheels help!

Other than the wheels I don't see anything wrong with that? It's just an S-Class Convertible otherwise.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Nice Guy Eddie wrote:
Can't understand why anyone wouldn't take a Rolls Dawn


Not unpleasant but, as others have said, the Royce is in another league altogether.

[Sarcasm alert]  Oooh. Classy.  

Luckily only 3 are coming to UK.Tbh †even the base S500 cabriolet is a question no one asked.
A †E class cabriolet should be the max †4 seat open-top for Merc.
Haven't they learnt anything from the previous Maybach disaster ?
Humphrey The Pug

What's the point in only sending 3 over here, it'll cost more to develop those 3 RHD cars for the UK than they will make from them.
Big Blue

Loads will go to the Far East and a fair few to Africa - all RHD

They've released it in the right place haven't they?
Most will appear in rap videos where, I'm guessing, Rolls Royces are a bit passť!

Utterly magnificent....I would covet one but I agree against the RR Dawn I think even MB (Maybach) realise that this wouldn't sell well and have wisely decided that less than a handful should be sold in the UK. I would take a Dawn over this in a heartbeat without hesitation, but doesn't stop me coveting this.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

BeN wrote:
Other than the wheels ...

But the wheels are so spectacularly horrid, they count as a severe demerit. To say nothing of the chrome around the grilles. And the colour.

Dictators of the world need to have a convertible to be driven in. Hence this.

The wheels are the only bit I do like.

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