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Mercedes-Benz World - Brooklands

Yesterday I visited Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey. It is a very impressive facility, part museum, part car showroom, part cinema and part racing circuit all together. The most impressive aspect about Mercedes-Benz World, is that it is free of charge. So it is truly inviting and affordable to the public.  

Before you enter, you can see the original banking. As you enter you are greeted by Mika Hakkinen’s championship-winning Mclaren-Mercedes MP4/14 – which looked brilliant. Then you realise the facility is three stories high, and every single Mercedes-Benz model in production today are displayed. Everything looks so swish and glitzy, it’s ace.

On the purpose-build handling circuit, there were demonstrations of Mercedes-Benz AMG models. My word did they sound fabulous, those V8’s really do sound amazing – all had deep V8 growls. Then an SLR Roadster was thrashed around, ‘wow’ would be an understatement…

I have categorised my pictures a little to make viewing slightly more pleasurable.  

Here is a video I took:

This was when some trained Mercedes-Benz drivers went sideways in AMG cars on the wet handling course, the crowd liked it. The drivers were branded the ‘Silver Arrows Team’

Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Mercedes-Benz was very keen to show off their motor racing heritage, with F1 cars, historic Grand Prix cars and sports cars. Surprisingly no DTM cars though. All racing cars were scattered around on each floor.  

Me with a Mclaren-Mercedes MP4/14, looking at the detailing.

Its steering wheel

My dream diecast replica. The Mclaren-Mercedes MP4/23 of Lewis Hamilton from this years Monaco GP. The attention to detail of this Amalgam model was staggering, well it ought to be at £2750! 1/8 scale. There were other ones too, based on last years Canadian and European GP’s of Hamilton’s cars. It was so big, it made the 1/18 scale beneath look tiny.

One of Fangio’s cars. It was a really beautiful car, lovely simplistic lines

This is the Mercedes-Benz engine that was used in the Mclaren-Mercedes MP4/21 in the 2006 F1 season, the Mercedes-Benz FO 108S. Of course its not the real thing.

This is Lewis Hamilton’s Mclaren-Mercedes MP4/22 as raced in the 2007 Australian Grand Prix.

An insight in to how Mclaren make their pitstops

A Mercedes C9, god this looked good. Great looking car.

A Mercedes-Benz Euro F3 Series engine from 2004

Mercedes-Benz classic cars

Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman. Looked brilliant.

They put on a demonstration of this, sounded like a horse when walking.  

Current Mercedes-Benz production cars

Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG. It looked superb, I am quite fond of this shape. I sat in an SL500 in the showroom, and its lovely. Nearly the whole dashboard is made out of classy leather and nice materials. Mind you, it was £86,000 – and this SL63 AMG is £104,000 – they are worth it. This particular Merc was a track car used for demonstrations to customers. Sounded bloody marvellous.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – also used for track purposes. This is my second favourite Mercedes. It looks yummy; big, wide, bad and naughty. Ace.

I make no excuses for posting more pictures of the C63 AMG, it looked brilliant. And so did most others too, a lot of visitors took an interest. So much so, I had to come back to it in the afternoon to sit in it.

Mercedes-Benz CL600.

Mclaren Mercedes SLR Roadster. I don’t need to say much here, just stunning.

As a general summary, I can say Mercedes-World is a fantastic facility to visit. My photographs are only a taster, there is much more to see. I think Mercedes got the right mix between old and modern, displaying the Stuttgart manufacturer’s clear roots – but also show how far they have come. The information is insightful and interesting, the food was good, the staff could have not been friendlier if they had tried and just in general – a great place.

Wow, must pay a visit. Great pics.

What's Lewis Hamilton doing in the first pic? Isn't he supposed to be in Brazil?

kraftwerk wrote:
Wow, must pay a visit. Great pics.

What's Lewis Hamilton doing in the first pic? Isn't he supposed to be in Brazil?

It is indeed worth paying a visit.  
Humphrey The Pug

Great pictures Sav, it sounds and looks as though you had a great day.

I have been a couple of times I only live a short drive down the A3 and I work about 2 miles away from Mercedes World.

Fantastic. Looks like an awesome place.

Is there a C111 in the collection? I'd love to see it up-close.


Sadly not Kraft, however from looking at Colin's pictures when he went, the collection changes. So the C111 maybe their sometime. Your best bet is probably the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart.

However they did have a 300SL Gullwing, which was lovely.
Humphrey The Pug

Whenever I've been I haven't seen a C111.

Merc museum in Stuttgart it is then...

My cousins Husband has left Silverstone and started working at MB World.  He's responsible for all the corporate hospitality and a few other things.  Whatever he does, he has been given a CLS 320 with AMG wheels and FG spec as a company car and the poor soul had to use a C63 AMG for a week recently to put 1,000 miles on it before they used it for track demos.
Humphrey The Pug

A work colleague left here to go into used sales at Mer Benz World, he left after 3 weeks and is back here as they treated him so badly.

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