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Macau touring car crash

If you're going to cause an accident, make sure it's a big one:

It was a big shunt, like many at Macau were last weekend in TCR, the FIA GT World Cup and the main Formula 3 Grand Prix itself. Macau looks like an epic place to drive and the fact that the layout hasn’t changed an awful lot means it is the ultimate street track for me.

That Top Gear article suggests that Huff got squeezed by Gene. Nope. Huff is a great driver and a great world champion, but he clipped the right rear of Gene’s Seat and that spun him around. Gene was taking a pretty conventional line into the turn; it is rare to use the apex in that turn because using the kerb can destabilise the car. Huff had ample space to his left, but got greedy by trying to pin Gene onto the apex, forcing him to lift, and Huff would have had the inside line for the next turn. Nice plan – it just didn’t work in practice.

The impact that the Golf takes in the background is brutal, head-on into an opening in the barrier. I understand the practicalities for openings in barriers, but I've seen too many shunts where openings have exacerbated the severity of the shunt.  

The usual trouble spot at Macau is Lisboa. I remember countless pile-ups entering that section that blocked the track in WTCC. But the marshals are so effective at recovering cars; next lap around you wouldn’t even know there was an accident.

I remember being at the Macau race two years ago, at the invite of Lamborghini. They kindly booked us a room at the Lisboa with a great view of the track action, specifically at that particular Lisboa corner.

Was plenty of fun watching all the incidents happen right before us.

That's the dullest multi-car pile up I've ever seen.
Humphrey The Pug

PhilD wrote:
That's the dullest multi-car pile up I've ever seen.

Must admit, I thought it was a bit tame too.

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