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Lenses for sale.

I'm selling some lenses on a photography forum but as I still think of this forum as my main one I thought I'd give anyone here who may be interested a look too...

Manual Minolta Rokkor lenses (these will fit a Compact System Camera via an adapter available from 10 on ebay.)

35mm f2.8, 40.
50mm f1.7, 15 - SOLD.

Both complete with caps and in good condition.

Sigma AF lenses, Canon eos mount...

Sigma 20mm f1.8, 300.
Sigma 85mm f1.4, 500.

Both are in as new condition and complete with their lens hood (the 85mm comes with two lens hoods, one for FF and one for APS-C,) and cases and both come in the original box.

If anyone is interested just let me know.
woof woof

No interest here but just in case...

Everything is sold.

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