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Landscape photo of the year...

Urgh, HDR at it's worst IMVHO...

What do you think?

Dunno what HDR is Alan but to my untrained eye all the photos look at bit OTT and unnatural.
The black & white one of the runners is particularly bad as is the wheatfield one.

Here's HDR -

Mostly they tend to look over processes, these ones on the BBC site look like they're images from a computer game or animation rather than photographs, to me anyway they just don't look real.

I don't see the point.

I managed to take a couple of photos on holiday that came out exactly the same as the view I could see with my eyes and it pleased me.

If I did the photos from that competition I'd be disappointed every time I looked at them because they appear so false. I'd know they weren't what I'd seen.

Still if that's what is needed to win a competition I suppose that's what people will do.
Big TC

I'm another one who's yet to be convinced by HDR images. Just not the real thing, innit?

The worst thing about HDR is when they se it on cars and the metal begins to look molten.

Just bloody stop already!

I am also not a fan of HDR, especially of the totally overdone variety shown in many of these competition winners.
To my eyes several of the winners have screwed up horizon lines, including the outright winner.

My favourite is actually the one of Westminster Palace taken on a mobile phone.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

I like this one:

The lecturer on my photoshop course had an image 'highly commended' in that comp.

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