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LA Show - Part 4


Porsche have their own hall at the show. First car to see was a piece of heritage, the 550 Spider.

The latest versions of the Boxster and Cayman were making their world debut here.

The 911 range was modified in the summer, and this was a chance to see the changes close up.

The Cayenne is now a familiar car, and must be next in-line for a freshening.  


An example of each of the three cars in Rolls-Royce's range here.


No sign of the 9.4X Concept which has become a regular at motor shows, but the Air Concept was to be seen.

Nothing else new on display, though the 9.7X will not be familiar to Europeans, based on the Chevrolet Trailblazer/GMC Envoy


Concept car showing here was of the Flextreme, a vehicle that was show in Europe, branded an Opel, and painted silver.

Saturn is looking increasingly like the US personifcation of Opel, with these vehicles, familiar to Europeans.

For now, the Aura remains...... I drove one last year, and rather liked it. The rumours are that it will be replaced by a version of the Insignia in about 2011.


This time, Scion was located in the main hall, but they still featured the same sort of display with cars stacked up high above the stand.

Down on the ground, the familiar xB, xD and tC models could be inspected close up.


Three of these distinctive Dutch supercars could be found on the stand.


Nothing new to see here, as even the latest Forester has been on sale for some months.

The US gets a rather gawky 4 door Impreza as well as the 5 door hatch. This is the WRX version


One of the few stands with no newcomers at all.


Brand new is the Venza - a Camry-based crossover vehicle. The crowds seem to spot that, too, and all thought it would be worthy, but dull. The customised versions on the stand did not really change the perception, and just looked rather silly.

Dull is definitely the latest Corolla, which has had a very luke warm reaction from the US press.

The new Matrix is far from pretty, either

The full range of vehicles was on show, ranging from the Yaris.......

........... to the rather larger, such as these Tundra trucks


No sign of Golf VI here. It was left to the Routan to provide something new to see. Essentially a VW version of the Dodge/Chrysler mini-vans, I have to say that the massive improvement in interior quality could make this the minivan of choice, if that is your thing.


A lone XC60 was on the stand

Otherwise, it was a case of another showing for the familiar products from the range.

So, a good day out. Lots to see, despite the current troubles of the automotive sector. Someone did ask me for the my "Car of the Show", and I found that strangely difficult to answer. The supercars were nice, of course, but I have to say that I was strangely attracted to that bright red Audi S6......... clearly, I did make the right choice with my own new car a few months, ago!
Big TC

Thanks for the comprehensive report Colin. It's good to see some of the stuff that is only available in America. Mind you, for a lot of it, that's probably a good thing!

We get the 4 door Impreza here too, unfortunately.

Great report. Nice to see you back Colin.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Excellent report and pics, though the American stuff does show all too clearly why the Big Three are in such a state ...

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