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Ken Rockwell goes off on one...

I take a look at his site from time to time and mostly I think he's fun, a breath of fresh air even. But, sometimes I think he's been taking whatever makes some Americans a little bit too...worrying...

Decide for yourself...

Japanese Terrorist Attacks Remembrance Day

68th Anniversary.

RIP, thousands of innocent, brave Americans murdered on a bright, sunny Sunday morning in Hawaii in an unprovoked, secret terrorist attack made without any declaration of war.

Nikon was a big player, having made mostly tools for terrorism before and during WWII. Nikon made large military binoculars used on naval ships, long-range rangefinders used on battleships, and bombsights used to murder Americans in the 1940s.

All Canon made back then were cameras.

Poke all the fun you want of other brands, but heck, Leica even ran a Freedom train getting people the heck out of Germany back when things were getting really nasty as far back as the 1930s.

Nikon didn't start making cameras until after the emancipation of Japan and disbandment of most of Nikon's war-making products divisions after WWII. Only then did the few people left at Nikon Nikon have to dream up some peaceful products, and decide to start making cameras, which were the Nikon S series of rangefinders. Nikon skips this less pleasant part of their history on their corporate history site.

One good thing that came out of this is that Nikon's gear started out as military-grade, and went down from there.

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