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Chris M Wanted a V-10

Justin Wilson in a coma following crash-update RIP

Struck by debris from another incident;
Oh dear, I hope he pulls through.....
Doesn't seem to be widely reported in the UK yet
Humphrey The Pug

Just read about this, it appears that part of a nosecone struck his head.
Nice Guy Eddie

Very sad, I've always liked Justin and admired his unique way he funded his racing in the early days. He may well not have been the fastest guy out there but a good jobbing racer

Is it wrong that I have no idea who this guy is, despite him having been an F1 driver at some point?
Chris M Wanted a V-10

simonp wrote:
Is it wrong that I have no idea who this guy is, despite him having been an F1 driver at some point?

Depends on your age... some years back, Autocar featured him setting up as a limited company for "crowd funding" - buy shares in Justin Wilson
Big Blue

simonp wrote:
Is it wrong that I have no idea who this guy is, despite him having been an F1 driver at some point?

No. He was forgettable as an F1 driver aside from the fact he was just too tall. Jenson is tall for an F1 driver, as was Coulthard but they're both still shortarses from where Justin was standing.

In F1 terms think of him as a modern day Perry McCarthy.

It is such a shame for Justin Wilson. Just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as the debris from Sage Karamís car flew everywhere. Wilson has always seemed like such a down to earth guy, proved his talent where possible, and was determined to get back to being a full-time driver in IndyCar. I just wish that somebody like Penske, Ganassi, Andretti had hired him sooner, he would have been a fantastic addition. Despite being part-time and not having the experience of other drivers with these new aerokits, he finished second at Mid-Ohio. I truly wish him a recovery.

Of course then after being knocked unconscious, he slammed into the inside wall coming out of turn 1. Iíve always had issues with the angle of the openings in that wall since the track was resurfaced a few years ago. Odd openings like that are unnecessary because when something hits the barrier, the odd opening just magnifies the deacceleration. There of course has to be openings for safety vehicles, but where Wilson hit there are two openings almost in succession Ė I ponder the need for that.  

The racing itself was outstanding. But it was undoubtedly a wreckfest. There were 12 Safety Car periods, a fox entered the track, and a restart featured 7-wide racing. The front stretch at Pocono is the widest I know of in tarmac racing, the drivers were using it to good effect.

Montoya drove through all the mayhem to finish 3rd, after starting 19th. He now has a 34-point lead going into the finale at Sonoma. I just hope he can hold on for the title.

I've said this before, but in the past few years IndyCar has featured the best four-wheeled racing of any series. And unlike other series, smaller teams can and do win with much smaller budgets. Nobody has completely dominated in recent years. Not because there aren't stand-out drivers, but because the competition is so close with fairly restrictive regulations. The schedule IMO is the most diverse of any tarmac championship, it requires a driver to not just be decent at road course racing, street racing, superspeedway racing or short oval racing - but all these different disciplines to be successful.

He has died according to
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Sadly Justin has succumbed to his injuries.
Very sad; a terrible tragedy.
Condolences to family and friends
Alf McQueef

Very, very sad. Racing in the US is not looking especially safe compared to LM and F1 is it?

I always thought Justin Wilson "had it" and was poorly treated by the F1 circus, he got a barely precedented upgraded seat in his first year then was dropped harshly. He was a great racer and a nice guy, I feel very sorry for his family...

Sav, if Indycar is that good I may start watching it, last year was tedious enough in F1 and this year I just cannot get into it at all - the girls were out when the race was on on Sunday and I stopped watching it and watched a recording of England Rugby being reamed by the French instead, even though I knew the result and it was a meaningless match. That it still seemed more interesting than an F1 race at Spa with a Brit on pole says it all about current F1.

Great shame. He was a very good driver and came up through the ranks the hard way.

A good friend to some of my good friends who work in Indy car. They were hit hard at the loss of Dan Wheldon and this will be the same. He was, by all accounts, a very nice bloke indeed.

Devastatingly sad. He seemed like a good guy.

It really is such saddening news to learn about his death. Condolences to his family and friends. It almost doesnít feel real that Justin is no longer with us. Wilson was no doubt a fantastic driver who proved his worth when opportunities presented themselves, even if he often wasnít in the ideal situation to exploit his talent.

The statistics might say he only won four Champ Car races and three IndyCar races. On the face of it that doesnít stand out. However it is the circumstances behind those victories that makes those wins more important. Firstly, the period that Wilson raced in Champ Car was dominated by Newman Haas and Bourdais. Anybody else who won during Bourdaisís domination was therefore doing a great job, given the advantage that the Newman Haas team had.

Wilsonís IndyCar wins were special because they came after the single seater war ended in America, both the IRL and Champ Car merged to what is now officially called IndyCar. The talent and competition levels rose significantly after both series merged, with the sportís best drivers and teams competing against each other, and once again on a truly diverse schedule.

My favourite Justin Wilson victory was at Watkins Glen in 2009. When IndyCar raced there it was often won by Ganassi, one of the sport's most successful teams. Wilson really did outperform his equipment in that race and genuinely had front-running pace all day, it wasnít a fluke victory because of someoneís crash, or fuel mileage, a caution period etc.

Wilson undoubtedly had a tough time convincing IndyCar bosses to hire him at times. However, there was one team owner in another series that was always convinced by Wilson, and stayed loyal to Justin whenever he wanted to race in America's longer distance sportscar races. That would be Michael Shank who runs a team in the IMSA Tudor sportscar series, and also fielded cars in the old Grand-Am series. That partnership had some success, with Wilson being part of a winning team in the Daytona 24 Hours. Wilson looked like a sportscar veteran whenever he drove Shankís car. I really do believe Wilson would have won more races in sportscars if he had entered on a full-time basis.

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