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Andy C

James Bond exhibition + London Classic show (lots of pics)

Bond first on Saturday afternoon , loads of beer and wine with Colin at Goodmans steakhouse in Canary Wharf after, and then to a brand new event ...... the London Classic show at the excel on Sunday

Needless to say it was an epic event, with some hugely rare stuff. It was 20 get in, and not only did you just see the cars parked up, they drove up and down the 'grand avenue' throughout the day. Road cars and F1 cars.  Brilliant

James May also had a collection of cars that changed the world. Number 1 is probably not what you were expecting!

I haven't got the time to do a full write up (its taken me 4 days to upload the pics!), but enjoy the pics


Lots of pictures but they're all good!
Humphrey The Pug

Wow, loads of pictures, looks like a fantastic exhibition.

Is it just me; out of all those cars, the worst looking is the LaFerrari , it just looks a complete mess, like a 60's vision of the future.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

I wish that this event had been better advertised; I only found out about it on the Saturday and by then it was too late to make plans to go.  Really appreciate the photos to see what I missed out on.
Big Blue

Planning a visit to the Bond thing as soon as I can.
Twelfth Monkey

Fantastic stuff.

Minus the addenda, this is pure hubba hubba...
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Can take or leave the Bond stuff, but the classics are incredible. Nice to see the LaFerrari with a non-git number plate too. Was the carbon finish Bugatti EB110 one of the Dauer ones (he bought and build up half a dozen or so unfinished cars)?

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