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Jaguar F-Type

I don't usually do this, but I suppose given the interest in the car, I guess I can share my thoughts.

I first drove the F-Type during the local launch, when Jaguar kindly set up a 'circuit' (basically drawing some lines on what was a huge airfield) for us to have a go.

First impressions was that the car was very sharp upon turn in, with the car changing directions almost the instant you twitch the steering. It felt pretty balanced too, although to be fairly honest I haven't driven any of its similar rivals (Boxster etc) to make a proper comparison.

Jaguar also let us drive the V8 on a makeshift drag strip. That was lots of (wheel-spinning) fun.

Then I got to drive it proper, and frankly I was speechless.

Again, I don't have a barometer of comparison, so I can't say whether I would pick this over a Boxster in terms of objective drivability. But what the Jaguar gives you is a sense of occasion. I mean, you can drive it every day in theory (ridiculous boot aside), but you really wouldn't want to, in the sense that the car is special enough that you want to save it for nicer times.

I drove the V6 S model, which, while not quite as wild as the V8, felt like a nice compromise between speed and comfort. The crackling exhaust, with its pops and bangs on the overrun, was a delight. And of course, the handling was superb; sharp and precise with nice feel and feedback from the steering.

But to me, a car like this is not really so much about the drivability. Sure it can cut it in the sports car arena, but it's the whole combination (roof down, aural delight, Jaguar heritage) which makes it special. Maybe, point to point a Boxster might be better (again, I don't know), but there's just something about the F-Type, an X-Factor if you like (ugh), which makes it so unique and outstanding. It's really hard to pinpoint exactly what.

Sorry if that wasn't really descriptive! But I really do like the car a lot. It's one of those things you can't reason or rationalise.

Obligatory picture:

Looks fantastic in that orange!

Great stuff Ben,but did they make you wear a white wig when you drove it ?

Well said Ben! I was lucky enough to drive the V8 at Company Car in Action this year and it was all that you say.

Perhaps it is truly the spiritual successor to the E Type in the sense that all those Jag drivers in their M k X's of the day must have wet themselves at what the E Type was. Thus the F Type. It is loud, uncouth, lairy and oh so desirable.

But in driving terms, it is more a TVR for the modern day or a successor for the Austin Healey 300.
Humphrey The Pug

Sounds like you had a great time BeN.
Andy C

I was expecting a bit more of a write up than that if I'm honest!

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