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Is my car a racist?!



Naughty car!
Twelfth Monkey

Tut tut.  One of our dogs is, too...

And I wonder if the news editor who thought "England whitewash Pakistanis" was a suitable headline is still in work?
Bob Sacamano

I used to be very friendly with a girl from Karachi in Pakistan and she was in the habit of using the word "Paki" as shorthand for Pakistani i.e:
"That's not the Paki way of doing things" or "We do this at a Paki wedding" etc. I used to visibly wince when she did this until I eventually said; "Look, Mehreen, you can't go round throwing the word Paki about like that, it has certain perjorative connotations in the UK. She looked at me like I was a bit mad and said; "It's just a shortening of the word, does that mean I can't refer to you as a Brit then?" I just said no, for some reason that was fine and I didn't have a problem with that. I did add that she might want to cut down on referring to me as a twat though, a word she picked up remarkably quickly.

Same with blacks and the N-word I suppose.

BeN wrote:
Same with blacks and the N-word I suppose.

I know gay men who refer to themselves as faggots or queers etc. taking the word back for yourself can often lessen the harm it does when used to attack you.

I went to see an Asian shop owner about doing his accounts and I asked him why he was considering changing accountants. I nearly fell off my chair when he said that the current accountant has an office full of P***s who all look and sound as though they are just off the boat. He wanted someone he felt knew what they were doing!

I used to work with an Asian chap who often popped to the paki shop (his words) for cigarettes. I never did ask him if it was a defensive thing or if he was an Indian who didn't like his old neighbours much...

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