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Is he going to disappear?

I hope so, but somehow I fear not:

Politics will certainly be less interesting without him.  I can't stand Carswell.  I may disagree with Farage on many, many things, but (at the risk of controversy) I have plenty of respect for him and would never underestimate him.  I feel the same way about George Galloway.

I am proud to live in a country that allows politicians like them to express their views.  The alternative would be worse.

Probably retiring to Spain.
Frank Bullitt

boc70 wrote:
Probably retiring to Spain.

Getting away from the foreigners ruining our country in the process.
Bob Sacamano

Married to a German isn't he? Probably going over there for a peaceful retirement.
woof woof

Didn't he have a health scare a while ago? Heart maybe? I haven't heard his health being mentioned as a reason for retiring but like him or loath him I think that we could all see how the life he's had could take a toll.

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