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Image size

I tried uploading a couple of photos to photobucket but they seemed to take a long time so is there an easy way of reducing the size if necessary (or is it just photobucket being slow again that's the problem?)?

A quick check reveals that each one was about 2.5MB.

They are a bit big at 2.5MB. Mine come out at just over 1MB when taken at a 2MB setting on the camera (its max is 5MB).

You can use any photo manipulation product but if you have none, Paint will do the job - in Windows XP just use the facility to 'stretch/skew' the image and set the percentage to reduce the size to say 60% or so. In Vista/7 there is a 'resize' option to do the same thing.

If you're using a Windows-powered PC/laptop, try - it's free, and pretty good for most of the basics including 2-step re-sizing.
Big TC

You can also re-size photos in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, which loads automatically when you double-click on a photo icon to view it at a large size on screen... simples - just click on Edit Pictures and then re-size image.

Even you could do that, Tim!

I always use paint, its crude but does the job.  A typical 1mb+ picture will drop to less than 100kb if you reduce it by around 50%.

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