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If You Need Something to buy a Motoring Fan...

...then for £25-30 you could do worse to brighten up their christmas than get them one of these Welly GT3 RS models. I like it so much I'll get the green, which I prefer.

For a fraction of the price of the lovely Autoart one, this isn't a disgrace by any means.
Apex clipper

Links man! Links!

My favourite car.

Or others can be found by searching:-
Thomas Magman

I bought the DVD "Love the Beast" - a docu-film about Eric Bana's Falcon XB  and his love affair with it over the years and its preparation for the Targa Tasmania. I really enjoyed it. If you like old V8 muscle cars you might want to suggest it as a gift for Xmas from someone. It might have been more nostalgic for me as I saw the same race finish that started Eric on his 25 year journey with the car....... but still worth watching

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