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If I had 50K to spare...

It would immediately be blown on this

Mm nice.
It's disappointing that they've gone to the trouble of carpet stripes but not continued them up behind the seats though  

One of the best looking Ferrari's IMHO
Big Blue

Hmm. Today must be Ferrari dreaming day as I was looking at this earlier:

Slow day everyone?

and yes this is mighty fine!

Not keen on the grey painted wheels or the black centre caps but otherwise very nice.

I agree with John - subsequent to this model Ferraris have been a bit 'form follows function'.
Alf McQueef

Ooh yes, the 355 and 328 are both gorgeous in my book.

355's were a lot less money a few years back - a colleague of mine is seriously considering a 360 as a second car that will probably appreciate in value, as the article in Evo this month pointed out, it's probably bottomed out...

Purely on looks I far prefer the 355 but the 360 is a much more modern, better driving, and more reliable car - some of my old trackday acquaintances blew 355 engines up with very gentle track use...

I think I would go for a 328 personally and treat it as a classic not thrash it. Much.
Humphrey The Pug

JohnC wrote:
One of the best looking Ferrari's IMHO

Yep, last of the good looking, un fussy Ferarri's.

I believe late 355's go for more than early 360's.


Those photos have been fiddled with though, surely? Some kind of filter??

The yellow one of  F355 Spider 2dr 3.5 is in my favor, if i can afford it  

Andrew wrote:
The yellow one of  F355 Spider 2dr 3.5 is in my favor, if i can afford it  
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Blimey, I hadn't realised Scagliettis were that cheap
Alf McQueef

Interesting. There is a sort of tipping point with the newer Ferraris when the expensive car heavy early depreciation hits the high values of the older cars - they often dip down then rise back up.

My equivalent in the North region is considering an early manual 360 as a toy that will appreciate for a few years - they have definitely passed that tipping point where they look good value compared to other Ferraris. He used to work for a Ferrari dealership so he ought to know...

I love the big 4 seaters like the 612 - what a way to blast across Europe!

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