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Twelfth Monkey

i3 vs XE diesel.

A good friend is considering these two rather non-typical alternatives.  Weaknesses?

i3 I'd be thinking about battery longevity.  He doesn't really like BMW as a brand, but as one who doesn't love them either I said I reckon that the i cars feel separate.

XE, the engine perhaps?  I gather it's going to be replaced and is perhaps lagging the Germans, and the taxation tide is going to turn against diesel as time goes by.

Anything else?  (The i3 would be the range-extender, btw.)  The cars would be new, and I reckon kept for five years.

For starters, how has he arrived at a choice of diesel XE or hybrid i3? That seems like two fairly disparate options.

XE now has the Ingenium diesel unit, which is new. Not sure if that was the case from new or, like Discovery Sport, it initially had the older motor.

The i3 to me at least is a fine bit of kit but you really must want or need one for it to work and the type of usage will be pretty key to that.

You're not able to steer him towards an Audi, then?

The used prices of i3's suggest that they aren't the most popular of vehicles.
Before deciding anything I think it depends what kind of journeys he does.
If most of them are shorter in distance then I would be tempted to take the i3 (partly because I would take a 3 series diesel instead of an XE diesel) but I think I would be looking at other hybrid options like the 3 Series or 5 Series which can be had very cheaply (compared to new price) when they are a year or so old.

There is also the C Class Hybrid.

Roadsterstu wrote:
For starters, how has he arrived at a choice of diesel XE or hybrid i3? That seems like two fairly disparate options.

That was my first thought, but then I once had a Volvo T5 Estate and an Alfa GTV on the same short list.

I simply don't like the looks of the i3 - that kink in the side window just doesn't work for me, so were in his shoes it would be the XE - but of all the 'posh' saloons on the market today, that's what it would be for me anyway - colour and wheels need careful choosing though - it seems more sensitive than a lot of cars in this respect.

Seen a few C350e's now. Bryan, how's it going?

Without knowing how they intend to use the car it's difficult to say. I don't think I'd want an i3. They seem too compromised for the little they really offer over an Audi A3 eTron or similar. If they know they're not travelling car, have space to charge it etc that's what I'd have or a Golf GTE which doesn't suffer the range anxiety and has the full electric mode so if you are doing short distances you can drive it on electric.
The XE is nice enough but I'm anxious about diesel punishment taxes so I'd want a petrol but the XE on its own is a bit forgettable.
Racing Teatray

It's the inside of the i3 that I can't deal with - I don't mind the different design but the vast expanse of what looks like naked fibreglass leavened with bits of polished plywood really doesn't work for me.

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