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I can't believe they invented it!

Thought of this idea for a thread after spotting this brilliant little invention online.  Basically, the idea is to post up the most ludicrous things you've ever seen online.  Being American, this one had to revolve around the toilet

My mother-in-law bought a mini toilet - about 5 or 6 inches high - and it looked like an ornament (albeit a shite   one) sitting on the cistern.

Damn thing had a sensor and when someone ventured close the lid would flap up and down and it played a tune.

Massively irritating and slightly startling the first time it happened so that's probably my excuse for pissing on the floor.
Boualem Bouderba

I'll have to admit that that is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a while. I'll be curious to know how many of those gets sold and then thrown in the bin after a week or two of trials.

Another invention that was irritating that I came across was a joke ash tray. I think this was designed to deter people from smoking. Anyway it's in the shape of a lung that has been cut in half.

Whenever you put hot ash on the tray or move it about it makes this horrible coughing noise. A friend of mine had one as a joke and within a day or two it drove him crazy so he ended up chucking it out.

- Boualem Bouderba

Can I ask, please, who is removing every post I make and why? I've only posted about four times and it's hard to see what rules I've broken. Just a note to explain would be appreciated.

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