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Husqvarna LT 154

Although Abba and Ikea are perhaps the first international sensations to come to mind, lawn mower manufacture is without doubt the third thing people think of when they think of Sweden. For this reason I knew as soon as I decided to buy a ride on garden tractor that it would to the land of people called Lars that I looked too.

In Swedish racing orange the LT 154 is an arresting sight.  The muscular, clean lines suggest a pace and power that are backed by the Briggs & Stratton power train generating a massive 8.6 kW @ 2600 rpm delivering a compelling top speed of 4.2 mph through the manual transmission. With it's single seat layout and composite construction it's easy to see why confusion between the LT 154 and BAC Mono is so common, though in the eyes of this tester, the headlight treatment suggests a cheeky nod to that urban style icon the Range Rover Evoque.

As with other high end, luxury performance machinery there are many electronic safety devices to keep the driver safe. For example, leaving the driver seat will cut the engine. Some might find this a monumental pain in the arse when you have to open and close three gates to get to one paddock but you soon learn how to execute a gate opening procedure without leaving the driver seat. It's best to try doing this without engaging reverse as doing so will also cut the engine if you haven't turned the key back to the 'allow reverse' position. You can't start it without a foot on the brake or with the cutters engaged.

Slide into the driver seat, noting the Porsche like logo embossed on the back rest, and the array of drivers controls is instantly familiar with anybody who has driven a luxury performance tractor. The linear gear arrangement is, literally, straight forward. Power is delivered through a simple throttle control and steering is by wheel. The brake has a confidence inspiring feel which really helps when you're cutting through corners.

This example doesn't have many options, such as air conditioning, sat nav or even a radio. It does have a grass cutting function, however.

The ride is just short of magic carpet like thanks in part to a lack of suspension and a short wheelbase.

All in this is possibly one of the most focussed vehicles I've driven this year. Highly recommended.

Bob Sacamano

It's got its winter tyres on already!
Bryan M

Looks very nice - I have lawn mower envy.

I am cutting mine with an ancient petrol mower I found in a shed - the renovation phase 1 has completed so once that is paid off I can start buying lawn mowers

My current favourite is this - mainly for its ability to cut/collect wet grass - need to get saving though!

Why the hell does a lawnmower need headlights?

simonp wrote:
Why the hell does a lawnmower need headlights?

So you can cut the grass in the dark!  Honestly!  

Looks like a lot of fun!

Very nice. Good on paddocks. Does it have a grass pick up for the lawn, or is it a mulching deck?

I'm more of a Westwood man myself. Grass pick-up with roller = stripey lawn. Very English. Our current one - a Westwood T1600H like the picture - is nearly 15 years old and becoming a bit knackered. I'm going to get quotes to have it fixed this winter and then try some man maths against new ones.......


I went for the mulching deck deliberately as the main work is in the paddock. It mulches pretty well but on the front lawn I do need to rake some of it. But then the front lawn wouldn't be so easily accessible with a pick up kit on it.

This should have been the Motor Forum Christmas Special Road Test!

As it is: 4 out of 10, needs more content.  What's the dry handling circuit laptime, wet handling circuit laptime, stopping distances and weight as tested versus the manufacturer's claim?  

Andy C

Brilliant michael!

Excellent! Will it "accidentally" run through your neighbours' hedge and mulch their entire garden?
Twelfth Monkey

Andy C wrote:
Brilliant michael!

Indeed, spoofed to a tee!
Big Blue

Great write up. have you considered sending to to these?:


Big Blue wrote:
Great write up. have you considered sending to to these?:

I hadn't, until now. I like the look of that racing tractor in the middle, I might have to upgrade to the competition pack when the means allow.

Thank you Andy for the kind words!

michael wrote:
.. I might have to upgrade to the competition pack when the means allow.

A limited slip diff for those sharp and slippy corners? And perhaps adding some carbon fibre.

.....or carbon fibre wrap  

I'll leave carbon wrap to Blarno, we do things better on this side of the Pennines.

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