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Big Blue

Huge biking weekend

Italian motoGP - Rossi's 300th; he's been on the podium in 150 of the Premier class ones - the next closest is Mick Doohan on 95! Marquez is King of the Road at present but this is Rossi's home match and he's been 2nd to Marc a couple of time this year - one step higher for the Doctor and the crowd will actually explode!

Tomorrow sees the Superbike TT kick off the IoM race week (one week of practice is still on) so a week of two wheeled action sets in.

Bring it!

Hadn't realised The Doctor was that old!!

Been following TT practices all week (and the progs on ITV4 - The Joey Story last night) both Dunlops looking good, and Anstey is there and thereabouts too. Not seen many mentions of McPint, which could well mean another win or two for him!

As you say - bring it!  
Big Blue

Lived up to the billing. Awesome 132mph lap from Anstey; first big bike win for BMW since the '30s with Michael Dunlop keeping the family honour up and the motoGP.... well fuck me. Neck and neck at the front for the whole race; another Marquez win but it wasn't in any way dull. The moto3 race threw up another last lap crash and 8 way battle from start to finish but it all paled compared to the yellow noise for Vale as he took the podium in his 300th GP.

Edit: quick mention for Iannone: 349.6kph on the straight; 215˝mph. Fastest man ever on a motoGP bike at a race meeting.
Chocy Rocky

Although I've never been into vehicles with two wheels, I love the coverage on Saturday night.

I don't know why they bother with bikes though, surely the riders massive balls of steel would see them around the course in no time.

I think they would have to cover their massive balls of steel with some grippy substance otherwise they'd either understeer off at the first corner or the sparks would set the undergrowth on fire.

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