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Racing Teatray

How to lose 23k in just 405 miles

Humphrey The Pug

Probably a BMW UK demo or display car.

Still sodding expensive, and it's not even a facelift car.

According to Drive the Deal, you can get nearly 14k off a new one.

I think they're mad mentioning the original price.
All that says to me is that it still has a shitload more value to lose so don't go near it.

Nice spec, but as has been said, that's still got a huge amount of money to lose.
Bob Sacamano

Lovely interior.

Bob Sacamano wrote:
Lovely interior.

It is. It's got the same interior colour/trim as my dads 5 series and it is nice, especially with the Panoramic roof brightening it up.  The facelift steering wheel is a lot nicer to look at.

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