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Holden Commodore SV6

Holden Commodore S11 SV6 Black edition to give it its full title and yes, all that is on the car.  It's grey, but has a greenish tint in the light, which might not come through on the pics, but looks good imo.

Thankfully I got what I booked, which was a Full Size Sports Saloon, rather than the 'Full Size' option as that would mean the basic model, with the 3.0 engine or a Toyota Camry, which would have ruined my day.

Also,thankfully, Chris wasn't right, it's pretty much new (3k km) and is the latest 2017 Black Edition model, which I guess is a run out car as unfortunately Holden and Ford are stopping production of their big RWD Saloons and estates.

It has a 3.6 V6 with a 6 speed auto, which produces 280bhp and 260lb ft torque.  It's a proper size car too, feels similar in size to a 5 Series (it's slightly longer and wider) with a big boot and comfortable seats.  The ride is a bit on the soft side (18" wheels with 45 profile tyres) and it doesn't feel like it wants to be thrown about, but with the zero tolerance on speeding and most of it's used rmdriving either has n town or linger motorway runs, it's probably ideal.

The engine is disappointing.  It only revs to 6,000 rpm and it's one of those engines that you feel the need to apologise to when you go over 3,000rpm, as it sounds really strained.  It's got 2 decent sized exhaust pipes and sounds pretty good from the outside, so only pedestrians will benefit unless you drive with the windows down.  Which is daft.  For all the diesel haters, I can tell you than my car is smoother, revs much more keenly and other than at a standstill (assuming start/stop hasn't activated), sounds an awful lot better than a V6 petrol.

it's got a decent spec as standard and looks better than the other models in the range as the chrome trim is black and has a reasonable looking body kit, plus DRLs, which apparently are a feature of sports trim cars in Australia.  Standard equipment includes LSD, keyless entry/start, Alcantara sports seats with red stitching, sat nav, colour head up display, blind spot alert, self parking, rear view camera, reverse traffic assist etc.  Strange spec omissions include dimming mirror and auto wipers, especially as it has auto lights and while it's good it doesn't have gangster glass, the windows let too much heat in. Something I've found really useful is remote start, you press the lock button on the remote, then the start button for 2 seconds and it fires up, which is really useful when it's 34c outside.

The interior isn't too bad, there are plenty of soft touch materials, but there are some things that really let it downs like the awful handbrake switch.  It feels quite dated as well, I think the Sat Nav is fairly up to date Vauxhall spec, but it's slow to respond, too clunky and is another car that's confirmed my dislike for touch screens.

Overall, despite some of the negatives, I like it, as they are more than outweighed by it being a decent sized comfortable car, which is Australian (the key criteria).  It's just a shame I couldn't rent the 6.2 V8 as they don't offer them on one way rentals.

Here it prizes for guessing the location!  You can drive all th way around the circuit, which is great.


That's a lot better than my Australian Honeymoon hire car.  I booked a mid-size and got given an Astra Merit.  It was hateful, but I didn't let it ruin the holiday.  In hindsight, I should have upgraded on the spot.

I was careful when I booked to make sure I had the right Class / hire company combination to get what I wanted.  The next class up is a Volvo XC60, then an E Class, but I wanted a Commodore and it had to be the SV6 at least.

Something else wouldn't have ruined my honeymoon either, but when you're travelling around (and you like cars, as we all do) then the car is an important part of your holiday imo.  The popular mid size had car is the Mitsubishi thanks.

I've done over 1,000km in 3 days, so have got to know it quite well.  Still hate the engine, it sounds shit over 2,500, which isnt any good as you need to be over 3,000rpm as it's a bit torque-lite.   I was really pleasantly surprised at how well it handled some spirited driving on the Great Ocean and going up the Yarra Valley, both well surfaced and with plenty of decent corners.  Didn't make Lindsay feel ill, which was a bonus.

I think it would be a really nice car with the V8, as long as you're OK with the bigger fuel bill.  This did 27.5mpg on the first tank and on a long lotorway run this afternoon was averaging 31.5mpg, which isn't bad.  Around the City, it was doing about 12mpg.....

There's a lot of recognisable switchgear from my days with the Insignia in that interior. It's a shame they're not continuing with Holden but economically I can understand why.

Glad you're enjoying being down under.

I rented a Hyundai Getz when we were there. It was the cheapest one they had!

I guess for us Europeans, this is the spiritual successor to the Omega.  Which was never a great steer but was a good cruiser and very comfy.

PG wrote:
I guess for us Europeans, this is the spiritual successor to the Omega.

It was when it came out.
I hired a Focus when I was in Sydney, it's not the same driving something so conventional here when you're in a place like Oz. My usual wheels, when I visit my sister, are a Holden Ute, an Isuzu over here.

Enjoy the honeymoon!

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