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Big Blue

Graham Taylor

I know it's hard to say harsh things about anyone that dies but Graham Taylor seems to have been a thoroughly decent fellow from every single column inch I've read today.

His time as England Manager (a shit gig if ever there was one) has overshadowed his achievements with both Watford and the Villa, the latter under "Deadly" Doug Ellis. The most endearing tale was simply the one about his wife berating him for resigning from Villa as opposed to being paid to leave. The latter scenario would have led to him being gagged regarding Ellis' behaviour and his principles came before his bank balance. Alladyce in reverse if you fancy.

The England team he had was desperate and lacked depth plus the FA were happy to see club win over country as they accelerated their plans for a Premier League separated from the Football League. As such he had no power or say and probably the Nadir of his time as national manager was not elimination from qualifying for the World Cup but THAT shot from Geoff Thomas (it went nigh on for a throw in).

Overall he loved the game and looked to be one of the few that understood he'd be a painter and decorator were it not for the game and appreciated everything he got from it.


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