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Mike Amos


Noticed that the blackhole motorsports site had disappeared, as in it is no more.  Sad day for those who like their computer racing.

I have not had time for a while now and decided to have a 'go' to see just how humiliatingly slow I would be.  Well I found that the program will install and run well enough in win 7 which is nice and in my short race in the cooper ended up over a minute slower than the winner in fifth place.

I am sooooo slow, mind you I was never going to win against proper opposition.  I find that I brake way too early and the way the wheel twitches when I got it wrong, so a lot then.  Still fun and whiled a few hours away just starting to get into the swing of things.  I also chucked a bit of time into lfs and was slaughtered, until I realised I had the opposition set AT 'PRO' level.  A quick reset at least had me on the same lap as the winners.  I am unlikely to have enough time to get good again but it is 'fun'.

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