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Good Discount and Quarter 4 incentives

Following our "Audi disappointment" my wife wanted to look at a 4 Series Grand Coupe at the weekend. As a precursor, I did an online search and found a really nice 435D at a good price in England and as chance would have it, they had one in the same colour (but only a 2 litre petrol RWD, so of no interest) at our local dealer.

We went along and she really liked the colour etc so I contacted the dealer about the car in England - unfortunately it was sold.

We got nabbed by a salesman who was determined to give us a quote for the "exceptional deals on PCP", which he did. 2K discount and 2.9% apr still doesn't add up to anything exceptional when a 420XD is coming in at 43K with a few extras.

Anyway, I have been receiving daily phone calls from the English dealers I had enquired of and they were also desperate to get me into a new car. As usual, they want to know exactly what it is the car needs to have to get us to buy it and I have given them Susan's extensive requirements but also told him that I thought the new cars were too expensive for us regardless of the deal.

He phoned me at 6.30 last night to say he had the perfect car (and it was, a 435D Grand Coupe in Tanzanite blue, with cream leather, sunroof, MSport Plus Pack, Adaptive Suspension and headlights, Comfort access, parking pack with rear view camera etc etc). I told him before he started that I didn't think we could afford it but he said he would throw everything he had at it - he was looking at finance at 2.9%apr and I calculate about 10,500 discount on a 52K list price.

It's still too expensive but there is certainly discount to be had and some dealers fairly desperate to get the deals.

I followed a 335d X Drive in Estoril Blue last night and I had rather a lot of want for it.

Ain't gonna happen though!

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