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Andy C

Geneva Motor Show 2017

Geneva Motor Show 2017

With numerous exciting launches due, Geneva 2017 promised to be a good one. It didnít disappoint.

Hereís what I thought was good:

Alfa Romeo
Guilia Quadrifolio
My favourite fast saloon by a long way

Aston Martin
It looks sensational, weighs 1000kg and has a Cosworth derived 6.5 N/A V12 producing 900bhp. Pricing will be between £2-3m!

Looks so much better in just one colour, and not 2-tone

AMR Rapide
Injected a bit of spice into the ageing saloon

RS3 Saloon
394bhp, 354lb/ft. 5-pot motor, now packaged in a compact, sleek, fantastic looking saloon.  Seriously impressive, and by all accounts, drives well now too.  The only issue was rear space wasnít as big as Iíd have liked; headroom wasnít great, and the example on show had the (presumably) optional Recaro bucketís which were huge and took up a lot space. Standard seats wouldíve helped no doubt.  The interior is near perfect, too. I want this car to depreciate savagely.

One of the best looking designs Iíve ever seen. The only thing Iíd change would be the headlights Ė I think Jag style would suit it better, just to make it look a touch more angry. Itís also a lot smaller than I thought.  Superb.

1500bhp!  I also prefer it looks wise to the Veyron

David Brown
Speedback GT
The colour no doubt helped, but it did look good.

812 Superfast
F12 on steroids Ė like the F12 needed any more power!  Scoops and vents galore. Award for the best car seats ever. Not pretty, but itís a V12 Ferrari with 800bhp.  

488 GTB Spider
Looks great, especially from the back

EF7 Vision Gran Turismo
600bhp, N/A, 4.6L V8, less than 1000kg weight track only special. Designed by Pininfarina, and endorsed by Emmerson Fittipaldi. Cool as fuck.

Fiesta ST
I love the look of this new one. It also will have a better interior than the outgoing one (not that the outgoing one bothered me one bit).  The engine sounds fantastic too.

MEAN. I donít normally like matt cars, but matt grey and the Ford GT really go well.

White isnít the best colour for it, but itís a hell of a good looking car, and itís a HONDA!

How long until Ian Callum is knighted? Heís pulled another one out of the bag here. Simply stunning.

All 3 are bonkers and Iím so glad they exist.  The Agera in particular looks brilliant.

Land Rover
Brilliant piece of engineering, and nothing utilitarian about the inside at all now. I still think the back looks challenging to say the least.

My car of the show. I loved it in pictures, and loved it even more in the metal.  The attention to detail is outrageous: Low down at the front there are anti-lift aero blades reminiscent of those on the P1, while ultra-compact LED headlights fit into frontal Ďeye socketsí that allow room for vents to feed the air conditioning and oil cooler. The body sides incorporate channels, formed by two skins and flowing past the butterfly doors, so cooling air can be directed along the body into the engine bay, uninterrupted by turbulence and resulting in a 15% improvement in cooling airflow. On the outer, lower part of the doors, there are F1-inspired blades that direct air away from the front wheel arches, assisting downforce and cutting drag.  The engine is 710bhp and 568lb/ft., resulting in 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Inside, the attention to detail levels continue. The butterfly doors have glass tops, meaning once closed, the cabin is so light and airy. The seat gives the Ferrari 812 a run for its money, which is about the best car seat Iíve ever sat in.  The layout is also a triumph.  Slightly angled towards the driver, the screen and controls all feel ultra-modern and very well made. The screen area starts quite wide, morphing into sleek, slim, floating style bottom dash, which houses the gear modes.  It looks simple, uncluttered and totally fantastic, and just works.  The party piece however, is the instrument screen; crystal clear digital screen giving various bits of info, yet at the touch of a button, it folds away, and turns into a slim race car  style decluttered info bar, with just the speed, revs,  and gear.  A totally epic car and I canít wait to read and watch the comparisons against its Italian competitors.

Love this paint job

Mine would be in dark grey.  No badges.  604bhp of V8 power and 4wd.

AMG GT Concept
V8 engine and hybrid electric power.  0-60 in less than 3.0 seconds and just look at it! (Wheels and exhaust aside)

Iíve seen (and heard!) a few on the road and they still look great

Generation EQ Concept
I donít like SUVís, but this looks interesting, and so does the powertrain: 402bhp and 4wd.

Couldnít believe it when I sat in this; well built, good driving position, and according to reviews, good to drive.  Maybe someone under 68 can actually buy one now.

Old school sledgehammer turbo power

Been around for a few years now, but nothing other than spectacular to look at and a mind boggling attention to detail

Instinct Concept
Striking, and quite interesting. 297bhp and hybrid power.

911 GT3
Manual box is back. 493bhp N/A flat 6.  It looks epic. Shame nobody can buy one it seems.

Panamera Sport Turismo
I canít think of a better use of the phrase Ďall the car you ever needí than a Panamera Sport Turismo diesel 4S

Range Rover
Somehow, it looks huge and striking from the front, but tiny from round the back, and yet itís well-proportioned and very good looking.  It will drive well, have mega tech and the interior is amazing. This will be a big success and rightly so. Rear space isnít brilliant, however.

Concept One
Brilliant looking and a fascinating powertrain:  1088bhp and 1200lb/ft., 0-124 in 6.2secs and a 190mph top speed. Each wheel is powered by a separate liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, and controlled by an all-wheel torque vectoring system that distributes the power to the wheels in accordance with user setup and driving conditions. Also, the car has the ability to switch the power from front-wheel to rear-wheel drive, and comes with ceramic brakes. The body is made from carbon fibre.

Ghost Extended Wheelbase Elegance Edition
Ghost Extended Wheelbase? Why not just buy a Phantom?   Canít say Iím the greatest fan (I do prefer the Phantom), but this car was a UK based car and deserved a mention due to the fact the paint has diamonds mixed in.  You canít see it in the picture, but the paint job alone cost £250,000

All amazing, but the highlight was the CTR. Based on the 964, it has 700bhp and 649lb/ft. going through the rear wheels, and only weighs 1200kg. It costs £653,000, but you just would, wouldnít you?

A car Iíve always been a fan of .This one looks good and has a much nicer interior than the previous one. I canít wait for the Sport.  

The first car I saw when I arrived, and what a superb looking car (estate especially). Interior is very impressive too. Please do a VXR version.

Looks similar to the CC (no bad thing), but a much better front end.

Golf R
My favourite hot hatch for years gets more power, a nicer interior and P Zero Trofeo tyres as an option.

Renders the XC60 useless in my book. Fab interior, good looking, loads of space. 2.0 T6 petrol with 320bhp would be my choice.


Alfa Romeo
Only the Jag F-Pace does it for me in this category.  Iíd have the Guilia without a doubt.

Looks like a Hippo from the front, and a squashed 911 at the back.

Civic /Civic Type R
The standard Civic is laughably bad. The Type R, with all the go faster bits just looks ridiculous. Interior is nice enough but I couldnít live with something that looked so bad. Just what were they thinking?

I know the others were big fans of this, but to me it looks awkward at best.  Too fussy at the front, and oddly proportioned towards the back.  Interior is pretty special however (apart from the cruise control stalk sticking randomly out)

I admire the Dawn; whatís not to like about a 4 seat convertible Rolls-Royce, however these Ďinspired by fashioní versions looked awful in white with bright coloured roofs.

C8 Aileron
The C8 was very impressive when it was first released, and itís still a striking looking car. But its 17 years old now, it would be nice if they could design and build something brand new and completely different from the C8

Not entirely sure which models these were, but they look very fussy  and left me thinking along the lines of how many more small, obscure companies can build a hypercar and pull it off.  Yes, the power figures are impressive (1100bhp), but with challenging looks, a bollocks interior, and numerous reliability issues, I donít think Zenvo will be one of them.

So many exciting launches proved it to be a great few days. Itís a brilliant show and well worth the trip.

Bryan M

Thanks for sharing - some great pics, Audi RS3 looks epic, as does the speedback GT

Fantastic pics. I too rather like that RS3.

The 720S looks amazing.

So much impressive stuff there.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

I'm intreagued by the electric Merc's false grille - is it LED strips? If so, I foresee a great time customising their colours - chrome grille one day, body-coloured another, contrasting colour on a third day etc etc

Police versions could have flashing red and blue....
Bob Sacamano

Gret pics. A couple of things stand out for me; how brilliant does that Bentley look? Absolutely gorgeous and the first Bentley I actively desire. Also, how dated does the new Fiesta look compared to the Nissan Micra? Never thought I'd say that.

Still think the RS3 looks like a 300lb man in a suit designed for a 200lb man.
Twelfth Monkey

720S looks great in the first, dark colour, judgement reserved on lighter ones.

How far back in the bay is the Superfast's engine?  I presume that rather than having cupholders, you just rest your drink on top of the engine!
Nice Guy Eddie

Great Pics Andy

For me the car of the show was the MSO 720s, it was just so outrageous

Others of note, the Velar for its interior although I went on the configurator and found out the one on display at the show is a near 5k option and that's before adding pano roof and alcantara headlining.
The Lexus LC500 as it was unlike anything else
The RUF thing that looks like a 964. You just know it'll be mental
Bentley EXP was gorgeous
Alfa Giulia QF - I could genuinely see myself in one

Ferrari 812 SF - †Loved it in the initial pictures but having gotten out the McLaren it just didn't float by boat as much as it should have
Honda Civic Type R - Just Nasty
Alpine A110 - I really wanted to like this as a potential replacement for the Cayman but it seemed to have more in common with a 4C than as a Cayman rival. It looked really small which is I guess why it weighs so little.
Fiesta ST - Looked too boring to my eyes but others really liked it. I'm assuming the conservative looks are so they can bring on an RS derivative later in the product cycle.

Great pics. Thanks for taking what must have been almost geological time to load them all up!

The Bentley is superb looking.

Great pics and some really interesting cars. †I really like the new McLaren, Panamera Sport Turismo, GT3, RS3 saloon and Golf R. † I'm intrigued by the Alfa QF, I should try and have a proper look at one, would like to know if it feels special enough with the engine off. †You can get £8k+ off list price, which means £55k should be enough to get one in the right spec, that's £8k less than an M3 Competition (in my spec).

Great pics there.
I really want a Giulia QF.

Not sure about the Porsche Panamera estate thing though - it looks nice enough, and way better than the hatch, but the stance in those photos looks wrong. I think it's sitting slightly too low and the wheels look a bit small, or something, despite the fact that they're probably at least 20 inches!


Must be the ride height then.

Amazing pics. Thanks for sharing mate.

Top work, Andy.  Thanks!

Great pics, Andy, thanks for sharing. Great work

Would love to know how you travelled there and what you itinerary was for the day, times of travel, how did you get I'd love to do the Geneva motor show one year

Great photos, looks like a great day.

How different from the RRS does the Velar look, in photos they look extremely similar.

Awesome pictures, thank you for sharing this with us

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