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Chris M Wanted a V-10

Gallardo Superleggera

Today I did the Formula Renault (FR) driving experience that was a combined 2015 birthday and Christmas present from my younger daughter.  As they weren't particularly rushed off their feet today they were plugging extra laps in any of the supercars that were available.  As I'd lusted after a Gallardo about 16 years ago, and as they had a yellow one available (seemingly the most popular choice today amongst all those present) it seemed that for £35 I might as well fulfil a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get 4 laps around a smallish circuit with an instructor by my side

Can't tell you how fast I got to as I was constantly watching the track (very few straight bits) and acting on the advice to "push push push", "faster", "brake now" etc.  Reckon I went faster in this than in the FR 2.0 single seater.  Performance was not kidney-hurting under acceleration, grip and steering feel were great, never really stood on the brakes but they are certainly up to the job of hauling the car down from 3-figure speeds. Not sure if the grin has gone from my face yet - instructor constantly trying to get you to get the most out of the car (open helmets required, as against full face for the FR - a bit interesting when you wear spectacles!)

They also had a supercharged Atom (which I didn't drive) that had been fettled - different custom hubs fitted with FR wheels and tyres plus dual controls (!) no mudguards or lights, weight pared to the bone

Have to say - ! didn't feel short-changed driving the Fiesta ecoboost home afterwards, and its average consumption has now improved to the right side of 50. One of the instructors even complemented me on my choice of car when we were chatting before the official session start time, saying he'd had one as a hire car on a recent holiday and had been impressed by it

Sounds like a good day! How much were drives in the Atom, I'd have been all over that!

Glad you had fun.  Not sure about not feeling short-changed on the drive home, though!
Chris M Wanted a V-10

I think the Atom drives were similar to the Gallardo.... from memory £25 for 2 laps, £35 for 4 laps and around £60 for 10 laps. I think they said that the normal cost is around £150 for 10 laps. They reckon that their Atom is probably the most tweaked and accelerative one available for "motorsport" days; didn't stop someone a few months back from having an expensive "off" that required a new nose and a few other bits.  Their rule now is that if you have an "off" no matter how light the damage, your session stops there and then.

Today everyone of us was just after enjoyment and not a lap record. No offs, no damage and plenty of fun/enjoyment, so everyone was happy including all their staff.  The site is near Hemel Hempstead and a few hundred yards away, the Police were practicing and training their pursuit drivers on high speed manoevering etc, accompained by occasional tall plumes of tyre smoke rising above the long grass.........

Sounds like a great day! And a bargain for those extra laps.

An Atom on slicks - awesome. A lottery win would definitely put an Atom in my garage. And I'd have happily paid the £60 for 10 laps.

Glad you enjoyed the day.

For anyone interested I am getting close to getting another Palmer Sport day booked for next year some time.

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