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Humphrey The Pug

From a bygone era!!

Seeing BB's photo with his long hair on the the "silly/pretty photos thread" what embarrassing photos do you have from your early years?

This is a photo of a photo that I have on my phone of when myself and Tina were about 17; checkout my hair!!:

Just so everyone knows we don't look like that anymore; taken in January about 23 years after the first photo:


Great hair, though I think this thread might get more replies if it were moved...

We have a hair section? I never knew that, but wouldn't have the need to go in there anyway.
Bob Sacamano

We used to beat up kids with hair like that!

I have a photo somewhere - I must dig it out - of me on Vesuvius, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and trainers. I was 21 and I'm not saying I was skinny but the nearest I've seen to pictures like it were when they liberated the concentration camps at the end of the war.
woof woof

The last time I posted this someone thought I was in the Hitler Youth.

This is me out of uniform.

Racing Teatray

Not really an embarrassing photo but certainly old - this is me as a small child wearing one of my father's flying helmets:

And yes, let's move this to the VIP section please.
canadian bacon

My brother, my sister and myself at age 6,18 months and 4 years

And last week:

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