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Big Blue

French GP

Great stuff. Visit to mother and a GP all in one.
Frank Bullitt

No Germany - not a loss, used to be fantastic with the old Hockenheim circuit, dull as ditch water now

Oh dear. Paul Ricard great testing facility dreadful race track. When people complain about modern race tracks having run-off areas the size of Tesco car park, this is the worst example of all. No punishment at all for running wide, boring corners and boring layouts regardless of the configuration. I think they would use the layout used by Blancpain Endurance, Formula 3.5 V8 and ELMS. Apart from the chance of passing on the Mistral straight, overtaking would be extremely difficult.

Magny-Cours was a great layout imo, the problem was F1, not the circuit itself.

The current Hockenheim is a boring layout but it is effective. It is wide with three great overtaking opportunities. It works well for F1, DTM, pretty much any motorsport that races there. In particular, the long back straight, hairpin, and the run to the Mercedes grandstand produces great battles.
Big Blue

Looks like 2017. Someone has greased a palm or two. Need to see the calendar now....

As if Paul Ricard couldn't be dreary enough, the F1 layout will be even drearier because they will use a chicane on the Mistral Straight:

The only feasible overtaking opportunity has been ruined, the driver behind won't have enough time to get in a position to overtake by the time they enter the chicane. I can understand why they've decided to use the chicane, without it, the cars would enter Verrerie at very high speed, far higher than when the GT cars race there. Especially considering that by 2018, the F1 cars will have vastly more downforce than at present. As a counter argument, the run-off at Verrerie is vast, if someone lost it for whatever reason on corner entry, hitting something would be unlikely.

This is actually one off my biggest bugbears of increasing downforce. Not only does it take away driver control and harm the racing, but circuits need huge run-off areas because drivers arrive at corners that much faster. And now people complain that circuits have no boundaries and the layouts aren't challenging enough.

F1 needs to massively reduce downforce to increase driver influence, the straightaway speeds would increase but accidents happen in the corners, not the straightaway. It would be safer because drivers wouldn't be cornering as fast, so when something goes wrong, they would have more time to react and if control was lost, they won't need acres of run-off to have the accident. We could therefore bring back proper track limits and sensible run-off areas.

Big Blue wrote:
Looks like ... someone has greased a palm or two.

Really? I can't believe that goes on in F1!
Mike Amos


Sav, with respect, the word straightaway is a mercanism used in their whatever they call it racing.  Perhaps replace that with 'straight' to allow for non mercan subject.

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