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Andy C


Just spent a great few days in the South of France. We stayed in a great hotel just by Cap Ferrat, and visited Monaco twice; once to look around in the day time at the yachts, F1 track and go to the beach etc, and the other time to go for dinner at the Cafe de Paris, as well as the Casino and a few clubs.

F1 track:



Humphrey The Pug

Lovely pictures, I'd love to go to Monaco at some point; I don't  think I'd want to stay there however I'd love to see and walk the track.

The orange G Wagen looks hideous as does the SLR and the FF doesn't look that great in white.

Nice seeing the Mini; with wheel trims, and the 500.

Also I'm envious of your sidies; I had my barnet chopped on Thursday and I had a cracking pair that were longer than yours; he said:

"do you want them tidying?"
"Yes" said I; "just a bit off to tidy them up"
"Here?" Said he.
I couldn't be arsed to put my specs on to check as it's a hassle "yeahh that'll be fine!"

My god he left half an inch at the most, before my haircut they just below my lobes, at least they'll grow back!!

Great pics Andy, I must visit Monaco.  A friend of mine was there for the race and loved it.
Big Blue

Nice pics. Been there loads but it changes every time. More cranes than London I reckon. When they finished the through road I went for a night out there with W2.0 and missed getting off for the harbour.

Other changes over the last decade+ have been the increase in restaurants offering Russian menus and a huge redevelopment of the harbour to accommodate their tasteless black hulled yachts.

Cap is still nice; glad you enjoyed your birthday & anniversary trip.

Cracking pictures Andy. What do you use for your pics - phone or camera?

Great pics Andy, glad you had a good trip. That's some pretty good supercar spotting even if not all were in particularly good taste.
Nice Guy Eddie

Great pics Andy. Monaco tends to be one of those marmite places but I love it.

Looks like a tres fancy place you stayed at too.
Bryan M

Looks like you had a great time and a brilliant way to celebrate your anniversary/birthday. Makes me want to go back again.

I agree it has changed loads especially with the Russians but thankfully they haven't found Menton yet, which is where I tend to stay when down there.
Andy C

Boxer6 wrote:
Cracking pictures Andy. What do you use for your pics - phone or camera?

All taken with an iPhone

Fantastic pictures. Not sure why, but I love seeing pictures of the Monaco layout when it is being used by ordinary traffic.

Great pics Andy. Sav, it's even weirder being there because the place is so familiar and you instinctively know your way around, even if you've never been before!
Twelfth Monkey

Wow, does all look eerily 'been there' even though I haven't.  Some fantastic cars too, and some utter befoulment!

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