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Bryan M

For Frank Bullitt

Saw this and thought of you.....
Twelfth Monkey

Some restoration?

For a car that age that would be considered Some restoration. Looks OK but not my favourite colour. I can see why it's cheap.

Looks mint I'm sure Mark would buy it...
Nice Guy Eddie

Superman Spec. Keep it in that condition and cruise around with a Gitanes hanging out your gob.

That engine bay is crying out for a V8. That would make an awesome sleepr hotrod.
Frank Bullitt

The key question (which worrying the seller hasn't offered) is the condition of the inner panels - the rear posts are a weak spot which require a hell of a lot of work to sort, the condition of the boot floor suggests to me there is a chance of rot there too which is the one place that turns it from 'a bit of work' into 'full metal strip down'.

The beauty of DS' is that there is so much money in them even the most hideously rusted example has a value because anything can be brought back from the dead; a mint restored Berline is closing in to £50k, Decap £150k and even the Safari is north of £40k in exquisite condition.

So long as it's solid underneath it would be an excellent buy and to be honest if it was me I'd tidy the interior, attend to the obvious and structural rust and leave it like that. It's an ID so unless fitted as an option this lacks power steering and doesn't have power assisted brakes so they are simpler but less appealing to many than a DS.

The DS was supposed to have an air-cooled flat 6 but CitroŽn couldn't keep the centre pots cool enough so they reverted to putting the TA engine in which it retained in various versions thorough it's life - the engine is the least appealing thing about the ID/DS but on the upside they are a pice of piss to maintain and repair especially as the wings unbolt in a few minutes so total access is quite simple.

I think I've missed the boat on the DS to be honest.
Humphrey The Pug

A gorgeous burgundy DS pulled up alongside me on Monday night just outside the O2, I gave the driver an appreciative thumbs up, which he reciprocated with a wave.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Almost as big a heap as this:

Wow, what a heap indeed. Something very wrong with the rear torsion beam as well - look at the offside rear wheel in the 3rd or 4th pictures, it's really close to the front of the arch and light years away from the rear of the arch.

If that engine ever runs again, I'd be very surprised.
Frank Bullitt

Chris M Wanted a V-10 wrote:
Almost as big a heap as this:

The value is in the 'GTi' elements - you simply cannot find them. Visa GTi's fetch good money, although I don't like the idea of a Visa 17D being broken to make it (you need the diesel as the bulkhead is different for these two models)

That's not a proper DS as it has Citroen badges on it.

Here's something a bit more modern.
The question at the bottom made me smile, having looked at the photos.
Bryan M

What is going on with the boot?

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