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First accessible solution for archeage

First accessible solution:
1: Go to your clear agenda manufacturer's website and seek for the newest drivers for your clear card and the archeage gold

2: Install them and restart your computer.
3: Barrage ArcheAge afresh and see if the affair is resolved.
If the aloft did not advice move on to the next steps:
4: Go to Documents/Archeage/User/Shaders
5: Annul the accumulation folder
6: Alpha ArcheAge and see if the affair is resolved.
Problem 6: My bold crashes/freezes/turns atramentous if I tab out.
Step 1: Go to
2: Chase the guidelines in on the redit post.
3: Afterwards commutual the abounding accomplish you should now be arena in borderless window approach and your bold should no best crash/freeze/turn atramentous if tabbing out.

Well that's about as clear as mud. Thanks for that.

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